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WebSiphon Web Based Scripting Tool Ships


Purity Software, Inc. announced that it is now shipping WebSiphon, its web-based scripting tool for Macintosh computers. WebSiphon is one of the most anticipated new CGI (Common Gateway Interface) products for Macintosh webmasters delivering a complete authoring tool for revolutionary sites. "

Early reactions from those who have seen WebSiphon in action have been overwhelming. It is quite obvious that the Macintosh web community has been waiting for a powerful product such as this for quite some time. We created this tool to help fill that void and add to the Mac's Internet arsenal." said Nathan Nunn, Purity Software's president. WebSiphon allows users to embed a real scripting language, SiphonScript, directly into their HTML pages. In addition, WebSiphon includes Purity's database server, Verona, a low overhead flat-file database server created specifically for use on the Internet. Verona is fully multi-threaded allowing multiple concurrent operations among many databases being served on the web. Alex Hopmann, president of ResNova says "WebSiphon actually puts a powerful programming language right inside your HTML. This is in a completely different league than products which just provide server includes."

At the recent WebEdge IV conference hosted in Austin, TX WebSiphon was utilized by aspiring attendees in the prestiged hack competition of which one entry received third place overall. The hack, submitted by Wesley Felter and Steve Noreyko used a Frontier script to download pages from a selected site and index them in a central Verona database on the network. A web page served through WebSiphon acted as the front-end offering a form allowing the database to searched.

Unlike other current authoring solutions offered to Mac OS webmasters, WebSiphon completely integrates the SiphonScript language within the HTML page giving the user the power of a fully featured language. SiphonScript supports variables, conditional statements, powerful looping statements, built-in functions, forms processing, and more. An extensive built-in library offers 79 functions users may choose from to aid in creating their site. Function libraries include web-related, string manipulation, list manipulation, date and time, text file support, math, database support, logging and more. "WebSiphon is a great tool for us. With one application we can cut down the time and need for both custom CGI development, as well as projects we were planning in JavaScript. Plus, since WebSiphon is all server-side we don't have the browser-compatibility problems that we would have with JavaScript." says Gary Stein, webmaster for Mactivity, Inc.

Documentation Due to the vast abilities that WebSiphon can offer to users, an extensive printed reference manual is included describing installation, the SiphonScript language, and all 79 powerful built-in functions complete with examples of use. Additionally, several example templates (HTML files with embedded SiphonScript) are included to help users learn the environment. Purity Software will also have an area available online for users to download pre-made templates and add-ons usable on their site immediately offering the functionality of many common CGIs. Users may also subscribe to Purity's support mailing lists where any questions or help needed will be provided.

Examples of Use As WebSiphon is an authoring tool, there are no limits to it's usefulness or the functionality it can provide to Mac-based web sites. Many possible uses of WebSiphon include online shopping commerce sites with catalog and shopping cart support, guest books, bulletin board systems and web conferencing, conference registration systems, online games, customized sites based on browser type, domain, etc., online polls and voting systems, or courseware products for universities or other educational institutions.

Special Features - The SiphonScript language is byte-level compiled offering sites maximum performance even with very complicated pages. - All pages are cached into RAM to bypass the Macintosh file system. - Templates may be modified while a site is online, without interrupting connected users. - WebSiphon includes a direct interface to Verona, providing persistent storage for any CGI applications developed with SiphonScript. - Fully PowerPC native and multi-threaded so many users may access your site simultaneously rather than waiting in a busy queue on an active server.

Ordering Information WebSiphon has a MSRP of $495, which includes the flat-file database server Verona (available separately for $195). Educational institutions quality for a 15% discount on total package price. User's may purchase and download demos of product at Purity Software's web site as well as through selected distributors. E-mail sales inquirie.


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