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WebSiphon Powerful Scripting Tools for Web Sites


Purity Software, Inc. an update to WebSiphon bringing it's current version up to 1.0.2. WebSiphon is an authoring tool for site designers that allows a full-fledged scripting language to be used directly within HTML pages. Included with the WebSiphon package is Verona, a low-overhead flat-file database server.

Changes in WebSiphon v1.0.2:


  • Fixed a bug with calling WebSiphon directly, but using different case in its name. (i.e., "websiphon.acgi" instead of "WebSiphon.acgi")
  • Fixed a bug in vCountMatching() that would, on rare occasions, cause crashes.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by skipping files requested through the PREPROCESSOR action.
  • Fixed some small problems with memory management.
  • Fixed some problems with printing large lists.
  • Subdirectories within the Templates folder are now supported.
  • Compiled templates take slightly less memory.
  • Remote Verona access is supported, with automated login.
  • Verona will automatically be launched if it is not already running.
  • Updated the preferences dialog to allow selection of Verona, and entering of a username and password.
  • Reworked the About box to display the serial number, and expiration date if applicable.
  • The client's IP address is printed to the log.
  • Added getFileSize() function, and readFile() now takes offset and length parameters.
  • Added a run() function that lets you call other templates and use their results.
  • Added verifyCreditCard() and creditCardType() functions.
  • Added "inc" and "dec" operators.
  • Added time-limited demo capability.

Changes in Verona v1.0.2:

  • Fixed a very small memory leak in the Retrieve command.
  • Unindexed fields can now be searched.
  • Added a new Get Fields AppleEvent, which returns info on every field in a database in the same format as Get Field Info.
  • Reworked the About box to display the serial number, and expiration date if applicable.
  • A few minor internal improvements and optimizations.
  • Added time-limited demo capability.

Changes in VeronaTools v1.0.2:

  • Now uses the new Get Fields event to speed up Field Definition windows.

Download WebSiphon v1.0.2 demo


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