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Weekend Warrior, Bungie presents the Fine Art of Bludgeoning


Not content to rest on the laurels of their first third-party publishing venture, Bungie Software now announces the newest title under development, Weekend Warrior. The company that taught the others what to do with first-person 3D now tackles fully-rendered true 3D environments with a vengeance, and the results will be nothing short of spectacular.

Weekend Warrior puts the player in a gameshow, where the contestants are everyday characters, including the Mailman, Butcher, Sports Fan and Bag Lady among others, who meet in a variety of challenging, multi-elevation arenas and pummel each other to win wads of cash and fabulous prizes. With a wisecracking host providing a running commentary on the action, players must solve puzzles, escape traps and beat their opponents into submission in order to go home a winner.

Designed to take advantage of 3D hardware, a raft of technologies come together to create an atmosphere of immersive realism: a lifelike physics model, inverse kinetics for smooth movement, free-floating external camera angles, beautifully texture-mapped polygonal objects and characters, a rich soundtrack and live audio commentary. The game can be played single-player or networked for up to 6 people.

One of the most intriguing elements of Weekend Warrior is its new FaceMapping technology. While other games promise to put the player in the action, Weekend Warrior delivers the ability for players to map their own faces onto game characters in a virtual environment. If you always wanted to clobber Dick from Accounting face to face, this is your chance (but watch out for his uppercut with the mailbag).

Weekend Warrior is being developed by Pangea Software, makers of Power Pete and the seminal 3D program Gerbils!, in collaboration with Bungie. Weekend Warrior foregoes the cheap thrills of blood and gore in favor of challenging gameplay where technique and cunning are the keys to skillful fighting and slapstick sets the stage.

Weekend Warrior runs under MacOS or Windows 95 with DirectX support. It requires a Power Macintosh or Pentium with 16 MB RAM and a CD-ROM drive; a 3D card is recommended for best performance. Weekend Warrior will be available at local retail stores, through mail order catalogs, or ordered directly from Bungie Software.


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