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Speed Comparison of Macs on the Web


There is a web page which has several charts that summarize the CPU speed, bus speed, clock multiplier and other information for various Macs and Mac clones. On the site you can also find a graph that allows one to approximate and compare the performance of various Power PC CPUs running at different clock speeds.

From the site:

Made minor updates to Mac Evolution, and Macintosh Elites page.

CPU daughter cards are available. Details on Macintosh Elites

Details on Motorola's new StarMax line are emerging. Check out links and info on Macintosh Elites.

Updated several charts on MacEvolution page. This includes charts on motherboard design, PowerBooks, PowerMac, PowerComputing and a new chart for Motorola's StarMax.

Added a chart for Motorola's new StarMax line. I'll gather more information on these machines in the next day or two.

The bus speed of PowerBase systems are 40MHz. At this time we believe the reported bus speeds for PowerBase 240, 200, and 180 on MacUser's New Mac Ratings page are all wrong.

Just released PictMerge 2.0. It's a freeware and can be downloaded from the shareware info page.

Added motherboard information for Power Macintosh and PowerComputing products.

The PowerTower Pro 180 bus speed question has finally been answered. read Mac Evolution

PowerCurve was added to the PowerComputing chart. Sorry it took so long.

Please check out the new PowerPC Performance Comparison section.

Added new chart for the Performa product line.


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