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NetManage and Metrowerks Provide Windows & Mac OS Portability for IntraNet Apps


NetManage, Inc. announced a licensing agreement whereby Metrowerks is including NetManage's WinSock SDK for Mac OS with Metrowerks' latest release of the popular CodeWarrior development environment. The WinSock software development kit allows commercial and corporate developers to benefit from a unified networking API that spans Windows and Mac OS platforms, and to more easily create cross-platform IntraNet applications. Customers of NetManage's popular ChameleonNFS/X now have a cross platform solution for both Windows and Macintosh connectivity and a complete and robust development environment for creating custom applications. "Providing the Winsock SDK as part of the CodeWarrior development package allows our cross-platform developers to eliminate the network API as an area of concern," said Greg Galanos, president and chief technology officer of Metrowerks Inc. "It further solidifies our commitment to making Mac OS a key development platform for Internet-ready applications." Metrowerks inclusion of WinSock SDK in CodeWarrior 10 strengthens NetManage's leading market position in cross-Mac and Windows TCP/IP network applications software and development tools. Several major commercial software providers have already licensed the WinSock SDK to speed the deployment of cross-platform applications.

Apple and Macromedia Endorsements "We consider the WinSock SDK an important component supporting our Open Transport initiative," said Ike Nassi, AppleSoft senior vice president at Apple Computer. "NetManage's inclusion of the WinSock SDK with CodeWarrior furthers their reputation and commitment to promoting open standards to the Internet community, and enhances the Mac OS platform." "Macromedia customers demand cross-platform solutions," said Randy Cox, Sr. director of engineering at Macromedia. "The WinSock SDK for the Macintosh is exactly the kind of development environment support that helps us deliver great Shockwave content over the Internet."

About the WinSock SDK for Mac OS The WinSock SDK provides developers of Mac OS IntraNet applications with a WinSock 1.1 compliant network API. Thus, developers can use a common API to develop concurrently for both Mac OS and Windows network applications concurrently. Shipped as both static link libraries for 68K and shared libraries for PowerPC(TM), the WinSock SDK gives developers a common API for all Windows and Mac OS platforms and a single API for addressing both MacTCP and Open Transport natively. The library itself determines at runtime which stack is active and uses the appropriate native interface providing maximum performance and reliability.

Pricing and Availability Available now from Metrowerks on CodeWarrior 10, the WinSock SDK can also be ordered directly from NetManage for $250.00. NetManage's WinSock SDK for Mac OS is designed for use in both commercial and corporate applications. The run time components for applications built using the SDK can be distributed royalty free.


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