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WIRED, Inc. New MPEG2 Multimedia Playback Card


Wired, Inc. introduces `MasonX', the fourth offering in their line of MPEG decompression video cards for the Macintosh. MasonX decompresses MPEG1 and MPEG2 video and audio data streams, displays full screen, full motion movie images, and outputs broadcast quality video with CD quality stereo sound.

MasonX is the first of the next generation of Macintosh MPEG2 offerings from Wired, Inc. Beginning with the first Mason board introduced Dec '93, Wired, Inc. has always offered advanced MPEG technology on the Macintosh platform. MasonX again follows that lead by offering MPEG1 and broadcast quality MPEG2 video playback with full backwards compatibility to all previous Mason MPEG player software applications.


MPEG1, which has an original picture resolution of 352 x 240 pixels, is very suitable for the majority of interactive kiosks and training setups. It's full motion video at low data rates are a perfect match for CDROMs and network video delivery systems. But a growing number of installations are demanding the absolute best quality available via an MPEG compressed data stream. This broadcast quality format is MPEG2.

MPEG2, with it's 720 x 480 pixel resolution, has a 60% higher horizontal resolution than S-VHS or LaserDisc. This makes MPEG2 the format of choice for full-screen full-motion video broadcasts over satellite systems (Direct Satellite System offered by RCA (DirectTV) is MPEG2 based) or digital disk systems (DVD or Digital Versatile Disk, the latest digital disks, are MPEG2 based).

"MPEG1 was fine for the first generation of computer controlled digital video players," states Michael Whittingham, Director of Engineering at Wired Inc. "But now with MasonX, we have full resolution broadcast quality MPEG digital video that surpasses S-VHS and LaserDiscs."

The entire line of Mason boards is a very instrumental part of any multimedia delivery system, compatible with the video and audio compression standard that is reshaping the future of video and television viewing.

MasonX boards will be available September 1996. SRP Qty1=$899. Discounted prices are available to qualified resellers and developers.


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