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World's Largest Macintosh Software Search Site


A San Diego based Internet company, has unveiled new features on the world's largest software search site to serve Macintosh users. Filez is the first major commercial search engine to focus on ftp (software) sites rather than WWW pages.

One of the first things new Macintosh user on the net wants to do is find software and games. There is loads of great software for the Macintosh, but it's sometimes a challenge to find it. Now with Filez, Mac users can search thousands of servers including all the major Mac archives including Info-Mac, Umich, AMUG, Apple and more at one quick and easy to use location.

A state of the art search system was implemented by Filez which permits users to search through a database of over 60 million files for specific titles and types of files like Macintosh software and Macintosh games from worldwide sources in just seconds. Thousands of freeware, shareware and commercial servers are cataloged on a regular basis by Filez so users can search all of those servers for timely and accurate results. What was once an all-day job guessing addresses, loading different sites, and clicking through directories now takes literally seconds.

Users can now also restrict their search to specific servers such as "Finally, I can search Apple's sites to find system software! Best of all, I can search all of apple's ftp servers worldwide to locate the server with the lightest load and most accessible to me." says beta tester Jeff Winkler.

Negotiations are underway with search and content partners to bring the software search capabilities of Filez to a widespread audience through co-branded web pages, licensed content, and ad revenue sharing.


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