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WWDC OS 8 Presentations on the WWW

Looking for more information to help you prepare for Mac OS 8, the next major release of the Mac OS? All 18 of the Mac OS 8 presentations from the 1996 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) can be found on the web in Adobe Persuasion format; additionally, you can find detailed articles at both the Apple Directions and develop web sites. Here's a partial list of the Mac OS 8 WWDC presentations:

* Mac OS Strategy and Roadmap Learn about Apple's strategy to evolve and reinvent the Mac OS for developers and customers, and hear the OS roadmap from today to Mac OS 8 and beyond

* Mac OS 8 Goals, Strategy, and Technology Update Hear what Apple is doing to ensure its success and the success of its partners and customers. If you attended last year's sessions, you can hear about important improvements to Mac OS 8 that have been made since then.

* Technical Transition to Mac OS 8 Hear specific details on taking your System 7 products to Mac OS 8, including compatibility strategies and practices to avoid as well as how to undertake partial adoption and full adoption of Mac OS 8 technologies.

* Mac OS 8 Runtime Learn the basics of the new Mac OS 8 runtime architecture and its advantages over System 7, including memory architecture, addressing model, heap management, tasking, synchronization, processes, and interprocess communication.

You can read summary of all 18 presentations--and the presentations themselves.

You can also read up on Mac OS 8 in the May, June, and July issues of Apple Directions; the May and June issues contain a two-part article on multitasking under the new operating system, while Gregg Williams's 2-part Strategy Mosaic, "Why Mac OS 8 Is Important," ran in the June and July issues

Finally, the latest issue of develop, the Apple Technical Journal, contains a very useful article on Mac OS 8, "Planning for Mac OS 8 Compatibility:"

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