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Wyndmail Wireless E-mail Maximizes Portability Of Apple's New Messagepad 2000


Wynd Communications on Monday announced WyndMail 2.0 for the Apple MessagePad, a fully-featured wireless Internet e-mail solution for Apple's new line of MessagePad handheld computers. WyndMail provides a fully-featured wireless mobile communications solution, with the required software, service and mobile network, for just $29.95 per month.

"WyndMail wireless e-mail paired with a MessagePad provides a small, powerful solution for the mobile executive," said respected industry analyst Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies in San Jose. "With WyndMail wireless e-mail, MessagePad users can stay connected regardless of where they travel, without wires, long distance charges or phone lines."

Giving mobile users the ability to stay connected on the go, WyndMail provides a seamless interface with the Apple MessagePad, sharing the in/out box of the MessagePad's standard operating system. This not only reduces the initial learning curve, but also frees up system resources.

WyndMail Users Get Messages Instantly, Without Dialing or Waiting

WyndMail for the Newton MessagePad allows users to stay connected regardless of where they travel. WyndMail delivers messages to the user without dialing in, without waiting and without initializing. "Using WyndMail, you can even send and receive e-mail during meetings without interruption," said Dan Luis, vice president of business development for Wynd. Users can also forward WyndMail messages to any Internet address.

Because WyndMail is independent of phone lines, messages go wherever the MessagePad goes. It operates using the RAM Mobile Data Network, which provides coverage in 93 percent of the metropolitan United States and is still expanding.

WyndMail Eliminates Long Distance Charges, Access Fee, Surcharges

Because WyndMail works with a wireless modem, there are no long distance charges, access fees or hefty surcharges on calls made from hotel rooms. While most WyndMail messages cost 30 cents or less, short messages cost just a dime, making it an affordable alternative to wired communications.

No Phone Lines or Jacks Needed, Fully Integrated within Apple MessagePad

"With WyndMail, you don't need a phone line to access and respond to your messages. The MessagePad, combined with the wireless modem and WyndMail software, provide a self-contained, wire-free solution," Luis added.

With WyndMail on the MessagePad, you don't even have to stay put to access or send e-mail messages. WyndMail is equally at home in a meeting room, a restaurant table, taxi or train.

All the Expected E-Mail Features Plus Faxing, Text-to-Speech and More

WyndMail is a fully featured wireless e-mail service with all the capabilities e-mail users have come to expect from their wired e-mail services, including send/receive, carbon copy; blind carbon copy; forward, etc. In addition to wireless Internet e-mail, WyndMail enables the user to send faxes, send text-to-speech messages to any telephone and receive speech-to-text messages from any telephone.

User-Programmable Features Enables WyndMail to be Personalized

The Wynd service bureau provides filtering and forwarding of messages, giving users the ability to personalize the e-mail functions to suit their own personal work styles. These features also let users control the size of their service bill by allowing them to choose which messages they receive wirelessly.

Available directly from Wynd Communications (800/549-9800), WyndMail's basic service plan is $29.95 per month, which includes 200 message units (one message unit equals 150 characters). Modem rental is available at $39.95 per month, on a month-to-month agreement with no long-term commitment.

The modem, valued at $500, gives users the ability to try before they buy or to rent on a long-term basis. It plugs into the MessagePad's PCMCIA ports. A software/modem rental package is priced at $69.95 per month.


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