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Excite Fueled By Odwalla Nourishing Juice Keeps Search Engines Running at Excite


Excite, Inc. put the finishing touches on its new Intelligent Concept Extraction search engine, which redefines web-searching by providing faster, more accurate searches than ever before. What's fueling the power of Excite's new ICE technology?

Excite employees consume over 125 bottles of nourishing Odwalla (Nasdaq: ODWA) juice weekly, with a peak week intake reaching 200 bottles. Excite subsidized each Odwalla purchase; employees contribute $1.00 per bottle, on the honor system, "They drink more Odwalla than any of my other stops," says Greg Lee, Odwalla route sales person. "They even out-drink some of my larger supermarket chains."

Odwalla Race Heats Up

Odwalla has become part of Excite's culture. Graham Spencer, chief technology officer and inventor of ICE reports, "Two of our engineers -- Jon Prall and Ben Lutch -- have an Odwalla race going. "My work area is completely covered with empty Odwalla bottles," said Lutch, an Excite founder, "but I've also got some hidden in secret places to side-track the competition. The green Odwallas with blue green algae, like Superfood definitely command the highest points," he said. At the end of each week, the engineer with the most empty bottles wins.

It's no surprise that Excite's new ICE search technology delivers the best firepower on the web. "Excite Search is now the technology leader among search services," said George Bell, CEO of Excite. "Our new, proprietary ICE technology offers all users -- from novice to net-savvy -- relevant, accurately-ranked and precise information on-demand."

"The Engineering group has been the worst offender of Odwalla consumption in the company," said Spencer. "We've probably consumed at least 600 Odwallas while creating the new release. My favorite flavor is SuperProtein; it's a meal in itself and when I'm really busy, that's how I stay alive."

David Sze, director of marketing for the Excite service recently lamented, "There must be a secret fridge somewhere ... There's never any left for me." As it turns out, Excite will soon have a dedicated Odwalla fridge.

Odwalla spokeswoman Sydney Fisher notes, "We are excited to have such a loyal following. We know how important a powerful search engine is on the web, and we are proud to be part of the formula that keeps the Excite engine humming."

About Odwalla, Inc. -- A Breath of Fresh

Odwalla is the leading branded fresh juice and beverage company in the country, servicing selected markets in the western United States from its production facility in Dinuba, California. Odwalla's complete product line consists of more than 30 juice flavors and geothermal spring water. All of Odwalla's juices are made without concentrates, preservatives, or pasteurization. Odwalla is traded on the Nasdaq National Market System under the symbol, ODWA.


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