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Creating Cross Platform QTVR movies with Apple Media Tool


From Apple's technical info, a discussion, directions on how to create a cross platform QuickTime VR movie and error messages. When I try using the Apple Media Tool Converter v2.0 on my QuickTime VR movie, I get an error message that reads "not a cross-platform panoramic movie! Use QuickTime VR Utilities to convert it." Where can I find QuickTime VR Utilities?

The error message you are seeing is the result of using the wrong type of tool to convert a QuickTime VR (QTVR) movie. The addendum which came with Apple Media Tool 2.0 recommends using the Apple Media Tool Converter, however it is incorrect. You cannot use Apple Media Tool Converter v2.0 to convert QuickTime VR movies. In fact, if you try checking your already-flattened QTVR movie with the converter, you will get the same error.

How to Convert QuickTime VR Movies

Step 1 ------ Launch QTVR Player.

The QTVR Player come with the QuickTime VR Authoring Tools, which is on QuickTime VR Tools CD.

Step 2 ------ Open your QuickTime VR movie.

Step 3 ------ Choose Save As... from the File menu.

Step 4 ------ Check Make Movie Self-Contained and Playable on non-Apple computers options.

Step 5 ------ Type in a name for the new cross-platform QTVR movie.

Step 6 ------ Select the OK button

You now have a cross-platform QTVR movie.


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