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Thursday April 16, 1997


My Precious Baby

My Precious Baby is an electronic baby calendar designed to organize all of your baby's multimedia information. You can organize all of your baby's digitized movies, pictures, sounds, journal notes, first events, and doctor's visits. You can also record your baby's birth information as well as keep up-to-date ID information. You can keep records on as many children as you wish (you are limited only by your available storage capacity). My Precious Baby is designed to make your baby's multimedia information easily accessible and fun to review. My Precious Baby is the "Ideal Family Memory Saver."What are the system requirements?

In order to organize your baby's pictures, you will need to get pictures of your baby into your computer. You can do this by use of a digital camera, camcorder, scanner or by having your favorite photo processor record your baby's photographs on floppy disks or CD-ROM (many national photo processing chains now offer this option). In order to view movies of your baby, you will need a computer with a video-in card in order to digitize and store portions of your videotaped movies (I say portions because most people do not have the storage capacity to digitize entire videotapes). You will also need Apple's Quicktime extension installed (Quicktime 2.5 provides the best performance and can be found at Apple's web site). All of the other features of the program, including sounds, are handled by all Macs. My Precious Baby provides its own sound recording feature. However, you can also record sounds with any other sound recording program. NOTE: My Precious Baby will only open System 7 and AIFF sounds. If you are using another sound recording program, be sure to save your sounds in these formats.

Pictures, movies, and sounds take up a lot of storage space. A short 6 second movie can take about 1MB of storage. Depending upon the size of your hard drive, you may also need an external storage devise if you begin to collect a large number of these file types.

My Precious Baby is shareware. You are allowed to save 5 files per media type (i.e movie, picture, sound, journal, first event, and doctor's appointment). You are required to submit a $25. registration fee in order to receive the registration code and gain full program access. On-line WWW registration via secure server is also now available

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