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Bandai Digital Entertainment selects Spyglass technology for Pippin @World Internet Browser


Bandai Digital Entertainment Corp. introduced the @World Browser, a World Wide Web browser optimized for display on a TV.

The @World Browser uses leading Web technology from Spyglass Inc. which is optimized by MediaLive Inc. for the Pippin @World and TV display.

The @World Browser is to be packaged with the company's new Pippin @World, an easy-to-use Internet surfing device that brings the excitement and information of the World Wide Web and multimedia CD-ROMs to the standard consumer television.

"This license agreement with Spyglass demonstrates our commitment to provide customers with an advanced Internet appliance," said Steve McAllister, vice president of sales and marketing for BDE. "The @World Browser's rich graphics and consumer-friendly user interface provides viewers of all ages with a browsing experience that is easy-to-use, fun and rewarding."

Jay Friedland, vice president of strategic marketing for Spyglass, said: "The market served by the Pippin @World requires a different approach to graphical display than typical desktop computers, since output goes directly to a television set. Spyglass technology is the logical underlying technology for this effort because it has a small memory footprint and unique modular architecture that can accommodate different fonts, color management and expansion through plug-ins."

Pippin @World and @World Browser CD-ROM Advantages

With the Pippin @World's internal quad-speed CD-ROM drive and the CD-ROM-based @World Browser, users are presented with an upgradable browser solution. Future enhancements, like voice and video, can easily be provided to users.

Installation is quick and simple. Users simply connect the Pippin @World to the TV, plug in the telephone line and load the CD-ROM. All configuration software is pre-loaded into the system software on the CD-ROM, so customers are shielded from the complexities of the Internet set up or viruses. An introductory multimedia CD that comes with the product will help familiarize Internet novices with the browser's functionality and the Internet.

Feature-Rich Browser Design

The Pippin @World's hardware is specifically designed to make static text look crystal clear and "flicker free." The @World Browser, based on Spyglass' Client Software Development Kit (SDK), is optimized for NTSC display and provides sharper color management.

Features such as QuickTime and Shockwave are built-in, letting customers exploit the full potential of the Web while using the Pippin @World. Also, BDE plans to have RealAudio and Chat available on the same CD.

The @World Browser is both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer compatible and HTML 3.2 compliant providing tables, frames and support for plug-ins. BDE plans for the browser to support GIF 89a animated on-screen icons.

Other customized @World Browser features include:

Surfwatch Parental Control Software -- Designed into the @World Browser is support for the Surfwatch ProServer by Spyglass, the leading parental control software that allows parents to block unwanted or inappropriate Internet content or e-mail coming into the home.

Configuration Menu -- The @World Browser's Configuration Menu provides users with the ability to select one of three font sizes: small, medium and large and alter the text for their TV screen. The feature is important with the variety of TV sizes available. Also, a standard VGA monitor can be used with Pippin @World. The feature is useful for altering text size to the monitor's viewing area, as well.

Consumer-Friendly User Interface -- Options such as the Tool Bar On/Off switch provides users with the option to hide the navigational bar and enlarge the viewing area. On-line help is presented in the format of a Web page making it easy and convenient for users. A virtual on-screen keyboard provides one button access to Internet address elements such as "www.", ".com", "http://". The unique keyboard design reduces on-screen key strokes. In addition, an on-screen network activity indicator indicates to users that information is currently being accessed and downloaded.

@World Dialer -- The integrated @World Dialer feature supports up to three local access numbers. If the first number is busy, the second and third numbers are tried automatically. Over 250 local access numbers in the continental United States are available. Also, a call waiting feature permits users to program a "call waiting" or "no call waiting" disable command.

Options Menu -- Other @World Browser feature options include a Browsing History Report that automatically stores last sites visited. An Internet hold command permits users to pause or put on hold their browsing experience to tend to something else, like placing a phone call. Afterwards, the Pippin @World will log onto the Internet and return the user to the page last viewed prior to the pause.

Print Option -- Users can print to Apple Ink Jet printers; with the Pippin @World's built-in printer port, there is nothing to add, no adapters are needed.

Image Downloading On/Off Option -- With this feature, users have the option to download only text, visuals or both. The text only download option is especially important to those who are researching a topic and need information quickly.

More About Pippin @World

Jointly developed with Apple Computer, the Pippin @World is based on Apple Power Macintosh technology to provide a complete Internet experience in a plug and play configuration. There are no operating systems or files for the user to configure.

The Pippin @World is equipped with expansion ports to ensure that the machine can remain state-of-the-art. A PCI compatible port allows an optional floppy drive to be added to provide additional local storage. Other storage devices such as Zip drives can be added to provide greater local storage power. In addition, up to 8MB RAM can be added in just a few seconds to expand memory.

A 64-button keyboard with a drawing tablet included provides easy use for browsing the Internet, composing e-mail and performing word processing and drawing functions. Also, bundled with Pippin @World is a 28.8 Kbps modem providing more value to the consumer.

The ergonomic hand-held controller fits hands of all sizes whether a child's or adult's. The controller allows for simple navigation of the browser and screen panning. In addition, the @World Browser's controller option provides an on-screen diagram of the controller and identifies each controller button's function.

Pippin @World users will be able to enjoy Pippin-based CD-ROMs, Cyber/CDs, multimedia CDs that interact with the Internet, and Audio CDs. Cyber/CDs provide greater flexibility in Internet surfing as they contain locally stored data such as Internet browser add-ons like Shockwave or textures and icons pertinent to enhanced viewing of a given Web site.

In addition, the Pippin @World offers additional applications which combine CD-ROM and on-line activity such as on-line gaming. Users will be able to engage in competition with others around the world, taking gaming to a new level. Also, users can access on the Internet the latest information pertaining to particular CD-ROM titles.


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