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Electronic E-zine Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary, Subscribe here


BCMUG, British Columbia Macintosh Users Group (of the Apples BC Computer Society) is proud to announce the 1 year anniversary of E-News, the free electronic version of the club's newsletter.

Popular throughout the world, E-News is an electronic magazine dedicated to people who love the Macintosh. In spite of its name, E-News is not just filled with news reports, computer politics and the latest, greatest product reviews. Look instead for real stories from real people, people who use a Macintosh day in and day out.

"Millard's Mac Musing" is as close to news as we come: Mike Millard gives you product updates, interesting web sites, easter eggs and other cool stuff. Murray Thomson's "Random Thoughts" is our opinion column. You'll see that Murray never adds "IMHO" to anything; could it be that he chokes on that third word? John Allison does "Photoshop Tips" for the graphic artist in you; he'll show you how to really make Adobe Photshop sing...and dance, and do card tricks! Gregg Paterson brings his desktop publishing experience to bear in "The Imagination Works: Design Tips", explaining the design issues that make a great DTP project. FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) are everywhere these days (yawn). Lorne Walton handles the really tough ones, all those Infrequently Asked Questions, in "The IAQ File". Learn from Corbett Enders' "The Techno-File", which explains technical issues in a language you can understand... plain english! And for a break from all the techno-weenie stuff, check out Chris Stevens' stunning photos in "Around Vancouver".

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