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Monday 9/9, 1996 - Breaking News

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Now Up-to-Date Gains Online Scheduling capability Update Web calendars through Browsers

Now Software Inc. announced availability of AddEvent, a powerful new Web editing tool for Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher and WebSTAR users

Apple Delivers New Internet-Ready Apple Color OneScanner

Apple Computer, Inc. unveiled its new Apple Color OneScanner 1200/30, the first flatbed scanner for the Macintosh market to offer Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OpenDoc Software WWW Site Update

A World Wide Web site devoted to OpenDoc, and it's components has been updated and includes the following new information:

Olympus Brings Price Down on Digital Photography

"Talk about your point and shoot don't even have to put film in these puppies!"Not anothe

Apple Adds New Files, Download here

From the included text file. The software allows you to connect

Ergonomic Chairs Said to Reduce Back Overload While Working on your Mac

Dauphin, has recently changed both the content and URL

'96 Summer Games; Poll Indicates 97% of Participants Recommend Telecommuting as an Alternative

Symantec Corporation announced the results of a poll taken in the Atlanta area to gauge telecommuting effectiveness during the 1996 games.

AOL Sets Barriers Against Cyber Junk Email

America Online Inc. is waging a war against "spamming," the broadcasting of electronic junk mail that is being sent to millions of its members each week.

Adobe PageMill 2.0 Beta 4 is available, Download here

The following is a listing of what's New in the Adobe PageMill Beta 4 software since the release of Beta 3

Birthdays and Such" v1.0, For those who forget their Birthdays & Anniversaries, Download here

Birthdays and Such is a tiny app launched at startup, to remind you of important birthdays and anniversarie

Claris 'Home Page FAQ Web Site

A web site designed to support those that are interested in links to resources that can help in using this new the Claris Home Page authoring tool.

Electronic E-zine Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary, Subscribe here

BCMUG, British Columbia Macintosh Users Group (of the Apples BC Computer Society) is proud to announce the 1 year anniversary of E-News,

Now Utilities 6.5 moves Now Startup Manager to Center Stage, September Update Available, Download here

Now Software announced today it had begun shipping version 6.5 of its award-winning utilities collection


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