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Adobe PageMill 2.0 Beta 4 is available, Download here


The following is a listing of what's New in the Adobe PageMill Beta 4 software since the release of Beta 3:

Tables - The user interface for tables has been redesigned to allow for greater design control and ease of use.

Launching of other Applications - Version Beta 4 has an additional menu command in the Windows menu which will allow you to launch another application and open the currently active PageMill document in it.

The Place command is now under the File menu.

Client-Side Image Maps - In this release of PageMill 2.0, you can target client-side image map hot spots to specific frames.

Frames - Version beta 4 introduces "Split Vertically" and "Split Horizontally" to the Edit menu, allowing you split active frames into two.

Remote URL Remapping - The "Server Preferences" in PageMill 2.0 have changed substantially from 1.0. They now allow a local folder on your hard disk to be associated with a remote URL to anywhere on the network.

Assertion Checking - This beta release has a assertion checking mechanism turned on.

More information on what's new since Beta 3 is available in the readme.html document.

Please use the feedback form on the Adobe Web site to help us improve them improve the product:.

Download the Beta software.


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