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Weekend Edition 9/7/-9/8, 1996 - Breaking News

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New Vincent First Digital Video Architecture With CCIR 601 Video Engine

The Media 100 group at Data Translation today announced the first CCIR 601 (ITU R601) digital video architecture

Use Remote Control Software to Edit Your Home Page

Pacific Coast Software, of San Diego, has come out with a product calle d SiteEdit, a Web server based CGI

Global Entrepreneurs Network Announces FREE Domain Registration Service

The Global Entrepreneurs Network announced that effective immediately it will be making available it's domain registration service on the world wide web to anyone - absolutely free of charge!

NetGirl Creator Leaves America Online for the Web

Rosalind Resnick, creator and host of America Online's popular NetGirl Forum, is leaving the consumer online service to develop her own original content sites on the Web.

Mindscape's Growth in Education with Grolier, Releases New Mac Product

Building on its tremendous success in the education market over the last two years, Mindscape announced plans for continued growth

Great Plains Software to Hold 11th Annual `Stampede to Fargo 'Co-Sponsored by Apple

Beginning October 2nd, Great Plains Software hosts `Stampede to Fargo', its eleventh annual International business conference for Great Plains Partners

TechWorks Reorganizes Sales & Marketing staff Taps Ex-Apple Regional Manager

In a move to further enhance its aggressive sales and marketing plans, TechWorks Inc. announced the addition of two senior executives

Olympus SYS.230 Lowest Priced Rewritable Optical Drive for the Mac

Olympus Image Systems Inc. announced for demonstration at Seybold Expo the SYS.230 Internal Mac Personal Storage System

Marionet for Director 5.0 announced, Download 30 Day Trial here

Allegiant Technologies Inc. announced Allegiant Marionet for Director, a cross-platform version of Allegiant's

AT&T WorldNet Ships Macintosh Browser

AT&T Corp said on Wednesday that it has begun shipping a Macintosh version of dial-up software for AT&T WorldNet Service

MacAddict Chosen to host EvangeList Web site

Words of commendation and endorsements continue to come in regarding Imagine Publishing's newest magazine, MacAddict.

RealSpace Announces RealVR Xtra; Present and Control Virtual Worlds Within the Director

RealSpace, Inc. announced RealVR Xtra, the Macromedia Director plug-in that adds photo-realistic virtual worlds to the Director

Apple Together with Macromedia to Implement QuickTime on Windows

Apple Computer Inc said it is working with Macromedia Inc and several other technology leaders to make it possible to create and edit content on Microsoft Corp's Windows


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Thursday September 5, 1996 - Breaking News

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New iHound 1.2, Indexer and Search Engine for Mac Servers

ICATT is now presenting iHound-plugin for WebSTAR. Thanks to WebSTAR's great plugin technology

Apple Redefines Internet Interface, Ease of Use with Project X Browser Plug-In, Download here

Apple announced a 3D browser plug-in code-named Project X for both Macintosh and Windows

Corel WordPerfect 3.5 for Macintosh Ships

If you have the Novell version of WordPerfect 3.5 Mac you can get the new Corel version one of two ways

Today's Web Browsers Are Cool, But Tomorrow's Object Browsers Will Forever Change Computing

Object browsers, or Web browsers that incorporate the Internet Inter-ORB Protocol , will emerge as the standard

Apple's How Do You Leverage Apple Technologies to Your Competitive Advantage Seminar Series

Back again by popular demand Apple is conducting an exciting seminar series

Ed Stead Resigns as Apple Legal Counsel

Edward B. Stead, senior vice president and general counsel for Apple Computer, Inc. has announced his decision to resign

Web Ad Revenue Jumps 83 Percent in Second Quarter, $312 Million To Be Spent By The End of 1996

Total World Wide Web ad revenue for the first half of 1996 was an estimated $71.7 million

Apple Quicktime 2.5 and Quicktime Plug-in, Download both here

Apple's QuickTime is the industry standard multimedia architecture used by software tool vendors

Excite Completes Acquisition of The McKinley Group, Continues Strategic Relation with Apple

Excite, Inc. today announced that it has completed the acquisition of The McKinley Group, Inc

Macromedia Shockwave Rocks On New Distribution Agreements, Over 9 Million Downloads

Macromedia, Inc. announced that Shockwave momentum continues to grow throu


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Wednesday September 4, 1996 - Breaking News

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Adobe Illustrator for Macintosh Bundled with PageMill 1.0

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced the availability of the Version 6.0.1 update to Adobe Illustrator for Macintosh

Venture Capital World on the WWW

Investors and entrepreneurs,Venture Capital World AB of Gothenburg has developed a worldwide marketplace on the Internet.

New Multilingual Websites Enable Global Marketing Diction Kit Originally Developed for Apple

DAE Interactive Marketing, has established itself as a leader in global WWW marketing with the Chinese Dictation Kit website, developed for Apple

World's First Internet Blackjack Tournament Ends In `Sudden Death Day'

Technology made the world's first free tournament blackjack game on the Internet possible, but players gave it the old-fashioned drama of a high-stakes Las Vegas casino tournament.

Media 100 to bundle Macromedia's Editing Software with Apple's QuickTime Standard

Macromedia and Media 100 today announced they have agreed to an OEM deal under which Media 100 and its next generation Vincent

Yamaha MIDPlug Brings High Quality Music to the Web, Download here

Yamaha Corporation of Japan, through its U.S. Office of Strategic Business Development, announced the availability of the beta version of the Yamaha MIDPlug

Cirrus Logic's New CD-Recordable/Erasable Chip to Support Speeds of 18X Read & 8X Record

At a press conference held in conjunction with World PC Expo 1996, Cirrus Logic Inc. introduced the industry's fastest encoder/decoder chips

Smart Serial 6, Add 6 Serial Ports to your PCI Mac

Keyspan is now shipping its Software Developer Kit (SDK) for the company's SMART SERIAL 6, the top selling PCI serial communications card for Mac OS

New Timbuktu Pro for Mac 3.0 Adds Modem and Web Capabilities

Farallon . announced the introduction of Timbuktu Pro for Macintosh 3.0 which seamlessly integrates point-to-point modem capabilities

Weekend Warrior, Bungie presents the Fine Art of Bludgeoning

Bungie Software now announces the newest title under development, Weekend Warrior

Macromedia Announces FreeHand Graphics Studio 7, Shockwave and Print Publishing

Macromedia, Inc. announced the FreeHand Graphics Studio 7 featuring the new FreeHand 7 and three new graphics products optimized for t


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Tuesday September 3, 1996 - Breaking News

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Info-Mac CD Volume #9 Published, Largest Repository of Mac Shareware & Freeware

The latest Info-Mac CD (this is volume #9)! The Info-Mac archive is the largest repository of Macintosh shareware and freeware

Apple Offers Free Custom Home Pages

Apple Computer Inc., has introduced the Personalized Internet Launcher that allows users to find and organize high-quality web sites that match their personal interests.

Apple Adds New Display Software2.0.2, Download here

Novations Group Selects Apple as Business Solution

Novations Group, Inc., a Utah-based business-consulting firm, recently turned to Apple technology to increase its productivity.

GymnastXTA Unites QuarkXPress with Adobe PDF

DataStream Imaging Systems, Inc. has announced the GymnastXTA suite of tools for pre-press professionals. The GymnastXT t

Third Party Mac Photoshop Site Goes Live

A new Web site dedicated to Adobe Photoshop. The site contains 70 individual html files, and 170 graphic elements and the author planson updating it regularly.

Microsoft Not Aware of New DOJ Inquiry re: Netscape

Microsoft Corp executive vice president Steve Ballmer said he was not aware of any fresh inquiries by the U.S. Department of Justice

1st official Mirror of the Macintosh Web Directory in Poland

The Champaign-Urbana Computing Users Group(CUCUG) is pleased to announce its first official mirror of the Macintosh Web Directory supported by Inter-Spider in Poland.

TarotWorks Tarot Card Reading and Analysis Software for the Mac

Simon Poisson today announced that version 1.2 of TarotWorks, his easy-to-use Tarot card reading and analysis software

10k Extension Allow Opening of HTML Editor From Your Browser, Download eval here

GoHTML is an extension for use with Netscape's Navigator or Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Neon Software Brings Protocol Analysis to the Next Level

Neon Software, Inc. announced that version 4.0 of NetMinder® Ethernet is currently being beta tested at a number of sites and is scheduled to start shipping in September

Second Release of WebCenter WWW Server for the Mac, Download here

WebCenter is a high-performance web server for the Macintosh and Macintosh compatibles. It offers a wide range of features


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