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Use Remote Control Software to Edit Your Home Page


Pacific Coast Software, of San Diego, has come out with a product called SiteEdit, a Web server based CGI (Common Gateway Interface application) that allows remote listing, editing, and creation of HTML pages. Using any standard Web browser, you can remotely view and edit all HTML documents on your Web server. SiteEdit allows you to receive a file listing of all documents in a specified folder on your server.

All editing is performed directly in your Web browser enabling you to quickly see the effect of your changes. After editing a page you have the option of renaming the file (and thus creating a new page). SiteEdit does not require FTP or Apple File Sharing which can adversely affect the performance of your server.

SiteEdit is available at a price of $29.95 and runs with Starnine's WebStar, and all other standard Web server software, on the Macintosh platforms. The product is available from Pacific Coast Software's Web site


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