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MacAddict Chosen to host EvangeList Web site


Words of commendation and endorsements continue to come in regarding Imagine Publishing's newest magazine, MacAddict.

As Apple Fellow Guy Kawasaki proclaimed at a recent editors' luncheon, "I feel so strongly about MacAddict and the people behind it, that I promise to do everything in my power to make sure it succeeds. That's the reason I asked them to officially host my EvangeList Web page."

From its beginnings as a mailing list of positive information and support for Macintosh enthusiasts, the EvangeList skyrocketed in size in recent months to 30,000 subscribers, which calculates with pass along readership to over 180,000 indirect subscribers.

The exponential growth caused Kawasaki to rethink the most efficient manner of sending out his information. He created a Web site in addition to the listserver as a "permanent and one-stop home for supportive information." Soon afterward he requested that MacAddict serve as official host to the site, working in conjunction with MacAddict's own online editor and Webmaster, Mark Simmons.

Kawasaki has been an advocate for the Macintosh since the early days of its inception. As original creator of the EvangeList and author of related books such as How To Drive Your Competition Crazy, he is considered one of the foremost authorities on Apple and the Mac.

As of July 1996, the Web site has prompted almost 73,000 visitors to check out Kawasaki's commentaries on Apple and the Mac for themselves. It's a voice that is similarly heard throughout the pages of MacAddict's monthly print magazine.

"The underlying message here is that both MacAddict and I are fighting for a common cause -- to help build enthusiasm for the Macintosh. An enthusiasm that is already felt by 25 million Mac users worldwide."

Updated daily, both the EvangeList and MacAddict home page offer direct links to one another, with each covering the latest in news from Apple, Macintosh and third-party developers, plus discussion forums, Q & A, and technical resources. View both sites.


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