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NetGirl Creator Leaves America Online for the Web


Rosalind Resnick, creator and host of America Online's popular NetGirl Forum, is leaving the consumer online service to develop her own original content sites on the Web.

Resnick, 37, a computer journalist turned cyber-celebrity and Internet entrepreneur, created NetGirl last summer when America Online asked her to host an Internet-related forum. Resnick, an industry analyst and AOL member since 1992, knew immediately that a forum where members could get advice about their cyberlove problems and look for dates would be a hit. With the help of AOL's Internet Connection team, NetGirl rolled out to one of the biggest launches in AOL history and was named Best Interactive Forum at the AOL Partners Conference last December.

Now, after a year of hosting the forum on America Online, Resnick has decided to produce her own original content sites on the Web with the help of her partner, Ryan Scott. Together with Scott, a Web programmer, Resnick runs NetCreations Inc., the Internet software and marketing company that developed the award-winning PostMaster URL Announcement Service.

"Doing NetGirl has been a blast," Resnick said, "and I'm grateful to America Online for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow as an online publisher. But, for me as an entrepreneur, there are far more opportunities on the Web and the time has come to pursue them. And, thanks to NetCreations, I have all the technological and promotional tools that I need to make my own sites a success."

An online dating site that offers Websurfers the quickest way to find love on the Net; House of Psychics, a site that lets Web users contact psychics via email for tarot card readings, and Contest Central, a one-stop shop for entering hundreds of Internet contests and sweepstakes automatically. features a personals database, site reviews, chat rooms, message boards, advice, quizzes, shopping, and more.

"The thing I love best about the Internet is the freedom to do your own thing and own your words," Resnick said. "While I'm sad to be leaving America Online, I look forward to welcoming my AOL friends and colleagues to my new sites on the Web."

For more information, contact Rosalind Resnick by phone at 718/237-1624 or by email at


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