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Now Up-to-Date Gains Online Scheduling capability Update Web calendars through Browsers


Now Software Inc. announced availability of AddEvent, a powerful new Web editing tool for Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher and WebSTAR users.

AddEvent, a 3rd party add-on written by Dada Typographics for Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher, lets users easily access and update Web calendars from any personal computer that has a Web browser. AddEvent also lets the calendar administrator password- protect specific calendars. AddEvent strengthens Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher's position as the key companion product to leading Web publishing tools, such as Adobe SiteMill, BBEdit, BackStage, and HotMetal.

"Using Quarterdeck's WebSTAR server as its foundation, Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher and its new AddEvent feature form a powerful scheduling solution for corporate intranets and the World Wide Web," said Alex Eckelberry, vice president of world-wide marketing at Quarterdeck Corporation. "In addition to being able to access Web calendars, users can now schedule new events and have the Web calendar immediately updated and available to others."

"We're excited to offer this new capability to our customers," said Duane Schulz, president and CEO of Now Software. "Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher has been quickly adopted by the Web community, with hundreds of sites currently publishing Now Up-to-Date Web calendars. With the new AddEvent capability, users can now directly update Web calendars_across multiple computer platforms on an intranet or on the World Wide Web."

Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher

Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher is the leading solution for sharing calendar and address book information on the World Wide Web. Now Up- to-Date Web Publisher automatically creates and maintains calendars and address books in familiar formats within Web pages -- with no HTML programming required.

Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher and AddEvent are now available for download at Now Software's Web site Now Up- to-Date Web Publisher is available at an estimated street price of $129. AddEvent was developed by Dada Typographics and is available as a free add-on to Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher. Customers can try the new AddEvent feature on a sample calendar, which is available at Now Software's Web site.


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