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Birthdays and Such" v1.0, For those who forget their Birthdays & Anniversaries, Download here


Birthdays and Such is a tiny Macintosh application meant to be launched on daily startup, to remind you of the important birthdays and anniversaries in your life. (It's only 17K, plus a sample Reminders text file and a manual.) It works for me, which has made me the envy of all my friends and relatives. By setting reminders 10 or so days ahead, I find I'm as on the ball as the best of the rest of my friends and relatives in remembering to buy cards and presents (and to actually send them)--and way ahead of the date-impaired.

The San Jose Mercury News says, "Worth its weight in happy spouses, friends and associates."

Birthdays and Such runs on almost every Macintosh computer that's been made since 1986 -- Mac Plus through the latest PowerMacs. It requires only System Software version 6, but takes advantage of System 7 features when available.

Birthdays and Such is What'sItWorthWare--that is, you decide what Birthdays and Such is worth. (If you use it, it's worth _something_.) I urge you to share it. Your friends urge you to share it (ok, they would if they knew you had it, and how useful it is).

The steps to use Birthdays and Such are simple: You type important dates into a text file (just modify the sample "Reminders" file that's part of the package -- nope, no h.i. -- that keeps the player tiny and fast-launching). And you set Birthdays and Such to run every time you start your Macintosh.

Then every time you turn on your Mac, it starts up Birthdays and Such. The program looks up the current date and scans the Reminders file for upcoming events. And voila, in the topmost window on your screen, it displays just those--the ones you need to do something about.

(If you leave your Macintosh running for days at a time, that's ok, too: Leave tiny Birthdays and Such running, and it will update to the next day's reminders every night on the stroke of midnight.)

Download Birthdays-and-Such here.


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