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Now Utilities 6.5 moves Now Startup Manager to Center Stage, September Update Available, Download here


Now Software announced today it had begun shipping version 6.5 of its award-winning utilities collection, Now Utilities. The new version contains a completely rewritten Now Startup Manager and enhancements to Now Super Boomerang, Now QuickFiler, Now FolderMenus, Now AutoType, Now Tabs, Now Shortcuts, Now Scrapbook, and over 30 plug-ins for Now Tabs and Now Shortcuts.

The brand new Now Startup Manager moves beyond simple conflict isolation in two areas: 1) providing up-to-date information on control panels, extensions, and conflicts through the Now Startup Manager Reference Library and, 2) managing the burgeoning number of third party plug-ins like those for Netscape Navigator and Adobe Photoshop. Now Startup Manager automatically converts Conflict Catcher and Extensions Manager sets so conversion from either to Now Startup Manager is automatic.

"Catching conflicts is just the beginning of a great startup," said Henry Carstens, General Manager of the Now Utilities Division. "The Now Startup Manager Reference Library and Now Startup Manager's ability to manage Netscape and Photoshop plug-ins make it a full-featured tool for managing a far wider scope of system dynamics."

Comparisons with Conflict Catcher

Comparisons with Conflict Catcher can be made in three areas: conflict isolation (both products have nearly identical isolation features), extension management (Now Startup Manager and the Now Startup Manager Reference Library provide current information on over 1100 extensions, control panels and conflicts. New versions of the Reference Library can be downloaded from Now's website), and management of third party plug-ins (Now Startup Manager can manage plug-ins for Netscape Navigator, Adobe Photoshop, Now Tabs and Now Shortcuts. Users wanting to compare Now Startup Manager with Conflict Catcher can find additional information at Now web site.

Resizeable Open and Save Dialogs and more

Seeing longer file lists and complete file names is easy with the re-sizeable Open and Save dialogs in Now Super Boomerang. A sorting feature also lets you sort the Open dialog's file list by name, by modification date or by label to quickly find specific files or folders. And users needing to send a file to another user on the network can use the integrated features of Now Mail, Now Super Boomerang, Now QuickFiler, Now Tabs and Now Shortcuts instead of resorting to sneaker nets to quickly move files across the network.

Helping users clean up their overflowing hard drives is Now QuickFiler's new capability to find and clean up duplicate files.

A much speedier FolderMenus lets users quickly view, and in conjunction with Now Menus, drag items to, the contents of any folder.

Better automatic macro generation, the ability to import macros from TypeIt4Me, and extended macro capabilities including the ability to assign macros to function keys are the offerings in a vastly improved Now AutoType.

Users wanting a wide variety of shortcuts for manipulating files and folders on the desktop can investigate the 15 plug-ins for Now Shortcuts. Further desktop cleanup is available with Now Tabs which also boasts 15 utility plug-ins and several usability enhancements including better Drag and Drop support to the tab bar.

And, in addition to added Drag and Drop support, Now Scrapbook has the ability to save AIFF audio files and support for up to 44khz SND files.

Web Quick

To make web navigation easy, Now Utilities 6.5 includes Web Quick from Europa Software. Don Crabb has called Web Quick "The indispensable web utility, " because of the way it automatically remembers web addresses and helps users organize their bookmarks into a quick and easy format. Web Quick is a $49.95 value included with Now Utilities at no charge.

Monthly updates and support

Now Utilities 6.5 comes with a custom installer and a de-installer. Users can order printed manuals and floppy disk sets for a small fee. Users will find several support options, all free: There's a built-in Automated Help Desk users can use to get information on individual components or frequently asked questions, direct e-mail support or at their , website , on-line support (keyword Now on AOL), and phone support at 503-796-3617. The Now Utilities Monthly Update includes bug fixes for Now Startup Manager and Now Shortcuts, a new Now Startup Manager Reference Library, and new Photoshop and Shutdown Items modules for Now Startup Manager.

Now Software is giving Now Startup Manager away through September 15. Users can download the software here.

Ed note.

The update was not posted at publication time. Please check the Now Web Site for availability.

Pricing and availability Now Utilities has a street price of $89.95. Users of previous versions can upgrade for $29.95. Users of 6.0 can upgrade for $14.95.

Now Startup Manager is also available as a stand-alone product for $55.00.


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