The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services
The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

BMUG Preps New Products For MacWorld Boston Release


The world's largest Macintosh Users Group, BMUG, is set to release numerous new products just in time for Boston MacWorld. This international organization which is "in the business of giving away information" is set to release the following in August:

The BMUG PD-ROM Fall '96 - the best Shareware utility CD-ROM available on the Mac market. It's a great resource for those little things you need but lack the utility to perform them.

Roadside Resources 3.0 - The BMUG Internet Collection - includes everything you need to get up and running on the Internet. This includes 6 online books and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

BMUG Guide to Buying Macs - How to Get the Most Computer for your Money - trying to figure out which Mac to buy? Let BMUG lead the way through the often complex market of new and used computers. Includes sections on printers, monitors, modems, and more.

Also, BMUG authors, Judith Stern and Robert Lettieri are providing a mini update to QuickTime 2.5. This CD contains QuickTime 2.5, Movie Player 2.5, sample movies and an informative, precise primer on the features new to QuickTime since version 2.0. You'll quickly learn how to to get a grasp on QuickTime 2.5, import and play karaoke files, prepare movies for the World Wide Web and more! A bonus chapter covers QuickTime VR, the exciting new technology built on QuickTime. This is a great companion to the book QuickTime: The Official Guide for Macintosh Users.

The Cyberdog/OpenDoc CD-ROM OpenDoc is a new plug-in software architecture developed by Apple that simplifies the way people can develop and use software. With OpenDoc you can combine features from different apps and across different platforms to create customized software solutions. Apple has used OpenDoc to develop a solution to the difficulty and confusion of using the Internet. Cyberdog is that solution and much more. Cyberdog is a web browser, an FTP browser, a telnet client and a new reader. Cyberdog requires a PowerMac to run.

Finally, we're making available ResNova's Personal Web Server on CD-ROM. This lets every MacOS computer on a TCP/IP network publish documents on the Internet or LAN. With continuous Internet connections, this provides an easy and inexpensive way to establish a presence on the Internet. This one's a great tool for collaborative computing.


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