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Monday 7/29, 1996 - Breaking News

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Joint Venture Produces Low-Cost Ada Development Environment for Academic

Tenon Intersystems, in a joint venture with Ada Core Technologies and McKee Consulting, is creating the first Ada

AT&T and Microsoft Form Alliance

AT&T; CORP. AND Microsoft Corp. announced an agreement to jointly promote and distribute each other's Internet products

Apple Adds Software, LocalTalk Bridge 2, Russian System Update, PowerTalk & More. Downlaod Them all here.

Apple CyberTech Web Site Offers Web Page Design Guidelines, Internet Tools

Looking for guidelines on how to create effective World Wide Web pages? A new Apple Web site

Simulated Baseball Patent For Internet, Instant Play-by-play Coverage of every Major League Baseball Game

Instant Sports Inc., announced that it was awarded a new U.S. Patent for presenting live events on the World Wide Web

BMUG Preps New Products For MacWorld Boston Release

The world's largest Macintosh Users Group, BMUG, is set to release numerous new products just in time for Boston MacWorld

Apple Cosponsors New Marketing Vehicle With Macworld

Macworld magazine's new Web Explorer Virtual Expo CD, set to debut in the magazine's December 1996

Wired Inc. Releases MPEG Netscape PlugIn & Two FREE Software Apps Download Here

Wired Inc. is offering two FREE software appss for users of Macintosh MPEG and MPEG encoders.

Animate Poser Now Available on WWW

If you would like to animate any Macintosh Poser Poser figures to visit the new WWW site

Developer Central Pavilion Returns to MACWORLD Boston

Apple plans to showcase the latest technologies, tools, support, & info for developers at MACWORLD Boston

Canon Launches Live Camera System For Internet

Canon Inc. has debuted a new Web View system The system enables a video cameras to be viewed and controlled via WWW

Motorola Offers PowerPC Performance Enhancement, Download it and Speeed up your Mac.

Motorola recently posted the Motorola LIBMOTO for Mac OS math library

Internet Connectivity, New Trend for CD's

Hybrid CD-ROMs -- e.g. titles which include online communications, links to expanded content, and/or network game play -- are rapidly proliferating,

Parallel Software Announces Opening of Parallel Porting Center (PPC)

Parallel Software today announced the opening of its Parallel Porting Center (PPC).

The Mac Trading Post, On-line Classifieds Mac Only!

The Mac Trading Post·is the first Mac specific classified ad web site


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