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Animate Poser Now Available on WWW


If you would like to animate any Macintosh Poser Poser figures to visit the new WWW site

R Covington wrote a fun, graphically interesting utility called TweenMachine that takes two Key frames (differently posed files) from Poser and then generates from 1 to 60 inbetween files. These can be batch rendered in Poser using some supplied AppleScripts and KeyQuencer, and then be put together to make a movie. The files can also be batch exported from Poser as DXF's for placement in your favorite 3D modeler. Amapi is good for smoothing them.

TweenMachine handles up to four figures per keyfile and can also tween the props,lights and cameras for interesting lighting and flyby effects. v1.04 is the current version.

Version 1.1 is due out soon (within a week), and adds batch render script autolaunch, a log feature,prefs,smoother speed effects plus two new ones, and a smoother more informative interface all around. It's 30 to 40% faster too. There are four speed effects you can apply to the tween instead of the standard linear even motion: Acceleration,Deceleration,and SlowFastSlow (EasyInEasyOut) and FastSlowFast, which are combinations of the first two curves.

TweenMachine is free for personal use currently (begware, $2.00), and $5.00 for commercial use.

Download Poser TweenMachine Lite latest edition for Macintosh (v1.04 currently,previous was1.03)

Download a patcher that will update Poser TweenMachine Lite v1.03 to the latest edition (v1.04 currently)

Download deluxe Poser Tween Machine latest edition for Macintosh (v1.04 currently)


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