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Wired Inc. Releases MPEG Netscape PlugIn & Two FREE Software Apps Download Here


Wired Inc. is offering two FREE software applications for users of their Macintosh MPEG decoders and MPEG encoders.

MasonPlugIn is a Netscape Navigator Plug In that enables playing of MPEG movies from within the Netscape Navigator browser simply by clicking on any MPEG file. By interfacing directly with any of the Mason Macintosh MPEG decoder boards, playing any MPEG movie, up to full-size full-screen, requires very little CPU effort. This background decoding ability is critical for smooth computer operations when the CPU is busy handling network traffic and hard disk data.

"Embedded full-motion video is the next advancement for web pages," states webmaster Laura Ewen. "Wired's MPEG video player adds another dimension to any webpage."

Butane software Release2 is the next application revision for the Butane line of real-time MPEG encoders. Release2 offers many more features, including full MPEG2 encoding at D1 (720 x 480) and 1/2 D1 (352 x 480) resolutions. Release2 also has special reduced bandwidth encoding modes for creating low data rate MPEG movies for Internet delivery and web-page video integration. Release2 interfaces directly with the Mason line of MPEG player cards, including the just announced MasonX MPEG2 decoder board.

"For those people finding MPEG1 adequate, but not outstanding, in picture quality, we recommend they check out our MPEG2 video quality," states Mark Bain, president of Wired Inc. "Not only is it broadcast quality, with 4 times the picture resolution, but it's available for free."

The MasonPlugIn requires a Macintosh computer with any Mason MPEG player card installed and Netscape Navigator Browser 2.0 or later.


Butane Release2 requires a Macintosh computer with a Butane or ButaneII MPEG encoder and any Mason MPEG decoder card installed. Butane Release2 software will be available August 12th for free download from the Wired Inc. FTP site ( /software updates).

The MasonPlugIn is available now for free download here.


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