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Parallel Software Announces Opening of Parallel Porting Center (PPC)


Parallel Software today announced the opening of its Parallel Porting Center (PPC).

This center located in Naperville, Illinois, will allow organizations to port their products and applications to and from Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX platforms , using our Parallel Porting Methodology. Other porting centers are planned for opening in the New York and San Francisco Bay areas.

Parallel Software addresses the need for expanding the number of applications available on the Macintosh. Parallel Software has an organized and systematic way of translating software operating on one computer to another.

President-CEO John D. McMahon stated that, "Many of our customers lack the resources, expertise, and time to develop Macintosh (Windows) software. The Parallel Porting Center will allow organizations to leverage their software investments in development in one area into the world of Macintosh. Currently, there are 23-25 million Macintoshes in use, with the majority of the Internet usage still being Macintosh - oriented."

John McMahon also stated that, "Parallel Software will apply the appropriate people, processes and methods to ensure a high degree of system integrity to the released ported product."

Parallel Software is the largest custom software engineering firm in the Chicago Area. If you have a question about your Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, or Internet application, Please contact us at (708)369-0100 or email Timothy Knox


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