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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

Camelot Ships New Mac DigiPhone at MacWorld


Camelot Corporation announced it will release DigiPhone for Mac on August 7th at the MACWORLD trade show in Boston, Mass. The newest member of the DigiPhone family extends the complete Internet phone system to users of Apple's Macintosh computers.

DigiPhone for Mac, as well as DigiPhone and DigiPhone Deluxe for the PC, allow users to make phone calls across the Internet without paying long distance charges. The DigiPhone family of Internet telephony software provides a sophisticated, feature-rich voice communications system to users of computers running the Macintosh System 7, Windows 95, or Windows 3.1 operating systems.

Business critical features such as encryption, Direct Dial Technology, and the Global DigiPhone Directory are now available for Macintosh users. Additional DigiPhone for Mac features include full duplex sound, caller identification, call screening e-mail messaging, call mute, personal phone book, and adjustable sound quality. DigiPhone for Mac is LAN/WAN compatible, serving as a secured company phone system across private area networks. It is also cross platform compatible so that Macintosh users can talk to PC users, and vice versa.

Danny Wettreich, Camelot's chairman and CEO commented, ``This extension of our software line enhances our position as the high quality, high feature, and high performance player in a fast growing market. The recent entry of some major technology companies into the Internet telephony market further legitimizes this industry and will accelerate the demand for high performance products. We will continue to build upon our technology lead, our national Internet service provider, Camelot Internet, and our forthcoming VideoTalk Internet video conference technology to provide the most advanced Internet communications products.''

Users of e-Phone telephony software for Macintosh (formerly NetPhone) may upgrade to DigiPhone for Mac for $19.95. e-Phone was acquired by Camelot from New Paradigm Software in October 1995.

Consistent with the DigiPhone software for the PC, DigiPhone for Mac is packaged with two user licenses effectively providing instant conversation capability and has an MSRP of $89.00 - $95.00. Shortly after release of DigiPhone for Mac, a free, 30 day version of the software may be downloaded from the Internet at http.//

(Editor note: We looked for it and could not find the Mac version, let us know if you do!)


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