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Wednesday 7/31, 1996 - Breaking News

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macQ&A; Technical Support for Mac Via the WWW

macQ&A;, a freelance technical support alternative, is now available to Macintosh users via the Internet.

NetManage Topples Mac IntraNet Barriers

NetManage today released a new Network File System (NFS) product for Mac OS customers

Mecklermedia Announced Agreement with Bloomberg L.P.

Mecklermedia , the today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Bloomberg L.P

Investment Intelligence Wingz Version 2.1 Download it Here!

The evalulation versions of Wingz 2.1 and HyperScript Tools 1.1 for MacOS

Make Your Site Appear as Nested Folders

The first site tool is the Site Outliner. It works with any website generated by any content tool

InterVU Inc. First Audio/Video MPEG Player for Mac Download it Here!

InterVU Inc. industry's first release of a Macintosh audio and video MPEG Player.

New Macromedia Shockwave Rocks the Web

Macromedia, Inc. tunveiled the latest version of Shockwave, bringing voice- to CD-quality streaming audio and 176:1 compression

Source Media's Interactive Channel Interactive Version of PBS' Newton'

Source Media, has entered into a Charter Programmer Agreement with KCTA/Twin Cities Public Television

Metrowerks Optimized Compiler Technology for Client/Server

Powersoft and Metrowerks, Inc.agreement enabling Powersoft to license a special version of Metrowerks' CodeWarrior

Camelot Ships New Mac DigiPhone at MacWorld

Camelot Corporation announced it will release DigiPhone for Mac on August 7th at the MACWORLD complete Internet phone system to users of Apple's Macintosh computers.

Pagestream 3.1 Pre-release for the Mac

SoftLogik Publishing announced a Pre-Release version of PageStream 3.1 for Macintosh is now available

Apple Alternative Webcast Covering the Olympics

Apple presents "Atlanta '96 Street Scene" an alternative online webcast covering the activities, venues, and personalities of the Olympics

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Tuesday 7/30, 1996 - Breaking News

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Next Power Mac Boost: 200 MHz, Paired CPUs8x Cd

Apple will reportedly roll out faster Power Macs, including the company's first 200-MHz & multiprocessor offerings.

Now Startup Manager 7.0 takes on Conflict Catcher

The Now Utilities announced a new version of its popular Now Utilities 6.5 and a new product, Now Startup Manager 7.0

Power Computing & Adaptec Target Prepress, Digital Video

Adaptec announced today that Power Computing will offer Adaptec's PowerDomain

Internet Users See Atlanta Bombing Live

While the world was glued to CNN after a bomb exploded in Atlanta's Centennial Park on Saturday morning

ResNova Software Ships Latest Beta of Web for One Web Server. Download it Here

ResNova Software made the latest beta version of Web for One, its personal web server for the Macintosh

Dataquest; Second Quarter Results Apple in 4th Place

While the second quarter is traditionally a slow period, the worldwide personal computer market still maintained double-digit growth

Newton Shop opens in Ginza

Coinciding with Apple Japan's release of the MessagePad 130 (MP130) comes th e opening of the first Newton speciality store in Japan, The Newton Shop

Now Software Calendar & Address Book Plug-Ins for Netscape

AboutTime and AboutPeople provide in-line views of familiar calendar and address book formats

Radius Announces Third Quarter Results

Radius Inc. today announced financial results for the third quarter of its 1996 fiscal year ended June 30, 1996.

InterNex Hosts Apple Olympic Web Site

InterNex Information Services, Inc. announced that Apple Computer has selected InterNex's WebFarm Web Hosting service

Computer Curriculum Corp. Appoints David Dwyer to VP Apple

Distinguished Scientist Brings More Than 25 Years of Teaching, Science, and Technology Experience

Amex & Microsoft Plan Online Travel Services

American Express Co. and Microsoft Corp.have announced plans to develop an online travel-booking system

Natural Intelligence Announces Support for Netscape OneOpen Network for Java on the Macintosh

Natural Intelligence, Inc. announced it has signed a licensing agreement with Netscape Communications Corporation to include support for Netscape One Open

Electrify Static Web Pages with 60 Minute Guide to Shockwave

IDG Books announced 60 Minute Guide to Shockwave, a step-by-step guide to the technology that's bringing interactive multimedia to the World Wide Web.

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Monday 7/29, 1996 - Breaking News

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Joint Venture Produces Low-Cost Ada Development Environment for Academic

Tenon Intersystems, in a joint venture with Ada Core Technologies and McKee Consulting, is creating the first Ada

AT&T and Microsoft Form Alliance

AT&T; CORP. AND Microsoft Corp. announced an agreement to jointly promote and distribute each other's Internet products

Apple Adds Software, LocalTalk Bridge 2, Russian System Update, PowerTalk & More. Downlaod Them all here.

Apple CyberTech Web Site Offers Web Page Design Guidelines, Internet Tools

Looking for guidelines on how to create effective World Wide Web pages? A new Apple Web site

Simulated Baseball Patent For Internet, Instant Play-by-play Coverage of every Major League Baseball Game

Instant Sports Inc., announced that it was awarded a new U.S. Patent for presenting live events on the World Wide Web

BMUG Preps New Products For MacWorld Boston Release

The world's largest Macintosh Users Group, BMUG, is set to release numerous new products just in time for Boston MacWorld

Apple Cosponsors New Marketing Vehicle With Macworld

Macworld magazine's new Web Explorer Virtual Expo CD, set to debut in the magazine's December 1996

Wired Inc. Releases MPEG Netscape PlugIn & Two FREE Software Apps Download Here

Wired Inc. is offering two FREE software appss for users of Macintosh MPEG and MPEG encoders.

Animate Poser Now Available on WWW

If you would like to animate any Macintosh Poser Poser figures to visit the new WWW site

Developer Central Pavilion Returns to MACWORLD Boston

Apple plans to showcase the latest technologies, tools, support, & info for developers at MACWORLD Boston

Canon Launches Live Camera System For Internet

Canon Inc. has debuted a new Web View system The system enables a video cameras to be viewed and controlled via WWW

Motorola Offers PowerPC Performance Enhancement, Download it and Speeed up your Mac.

Motorola recently posted the Motorola LIBMOTO for Mac OS math library

Internet Connectivity, New Trend for CD's

Hybrid CD-ROMs -- e.g. titles which include online communications, links to expanded content, and/or network game play -- are rapidly proliferating,

Parallel Software Announces Opening of Parallel Porting Center (PPC)

Parallel Software today announced the opening of its Parallel Porting Center (PPC).

The Mac Trading Post, On-line Classifieds Mac Only!

The Mac Trading Post·is the first Mac specific classified ad web site


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