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Metrowerks Optimized Compiler Technology for Client/Server


Powersoft and Metrowerks, Inc. announced an open agreement enabling Powersoft to license a special version of Metrowerks' CodeWarrior C/C++ compilers and linkers.

Under terms of the agreement, the tools will be shipped as shared libraries in PowerBuilder, thereby becoming an integral part of the PowerBuilder code generation engine for the Macintosh platform. Metrowerks will supply components for 68K and PowerMac code generation. This highly optimized compiler technology will enable PowerBuilder to provide fast script execution on the Macintosh platform. The integration of CodeWarrior and PowerBuilder will be demonstrated at MACWORLD Expo in Boston, August 7-10, 1996 at Apple's Developer Central.

"We're excited to integrate the well-respected CodeWarrior compiler with PowerBuilder," said David Litwack, president of the Powersoft Business Group of Sybase, Inc. "It gives PowerBuilder the same full set of powerful capabilities on the Macintosh platform that have won Powersoft its market-leading position in corporate application development on the Windows platform."

PowerBuilder developers simply click a check box in the Project Painter to automatically compile their application into a CodeWarrior executable. This executable can then be deployed to end-users working on the Macintosh platform.

"This relationship presents a terrific opportunity for Powersoft's corporate customer base to access the same state-of-the-art tools used to build many shrink-wrapped software applications," said Greg Galanos, president and CEO of Metrowerks.

"We're thrilled with the collaborative efforts of Powersoft and Metrowerks to bring their combined effort to the Macintosh market," said Heidi Roizen, Apple's vice president of Developer Relations. "Given that both companies are leaders in their fields, it makes perfect sense that Powersoft would engage Metrowerks to create the best compiled code for PowerBuilder applications. Our mutual customers should really benefit from this."

Tracy Corbo, senior analyst at International Data Corporation, said, "This agreement not only benefits PowerBuilder for Macintosh users, it helps to deliver on Powersoft's promise of true cross-platform development. The combination of these technologies will give PowerBuilder users the benefit of compiled code from a proven Macintosh product, CodeWarrior. The integration of CodeWarrior into the PowerBuilder environment makes building solutions for heterogeneous environments that much easier."

Availability PowerBuilder Enterprise 5.0 for Macintosh is currently expected to ship in the second half of 1996.


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