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Source Media's Interactive Channel Interactive Version of PBS' Newton'


Source Media, Inc.announced that it has entered into a Charter Programmer Agreement with KCTA/Twin Cities Public Television to deliver an interactive version of their highly successful science education series, Newton's Apple, a fast-paced magazine-format show whose hosts seek out the answers to viewers' science questions.

The Interactive Channel will initially offer Newton's Apple "Science Try It" experiments and "Street Smart" quizzes on demand to subscribers to the Channel who will respond to interactive presentations using their remote control.

In making the announcement, Richard Hudson, the Director of Science at KCTA stated, "The Interactive Channel takes Newton's Apple beyond the boundaries of broadcast television to new levels of on-demand access. The Channel provides unique interactive Newton's Apple programming for our audiences, from families to classrooms, to anyone curious about science in the world around us." He added that the Interactive Channel platform also complements the recent completion of the Newton's Apple web site.

John Reed, President of Source Media stated, "We are extremely pleased to see Newton's Apple programming being developed for the Interactive Channel. This will allow us to deliver high quality interactive content and instant brand recognition to our subscribers while offering a new audience for Newton's Apple. Interactive Channel will now be able to offer subscribers and their families individually-paced learning and participation currently unavailable over traditional broadcast TV."

Newton's Apple is made possible on PBS by a grant from 3M. The show is a production of Twin Cities Public Television (TCPT) which was founded in 1955 in St. Paul, Minn. In addition to producing the national family science show Newton's Apple, TCPT produces community programs and other national projects that are broadcast on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations throughout the country.

Source Media is a leader in the interactive programming and service industry. Source Media's Interactive Channel, an online television browser and programming service, is capable of delivering interactive news, weather, sports, shopping and educational services on demand over today's cable systems. Interactive Channel is scheduled to launch this fall in Colorado Springs, CO with Colorado Springs Cablevision, a Century Communications company.


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