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LITTLE MEN STUDIO, Inc. claims to have internet's largest selection of original web element and icon/clip art collections. Their 10 art collections created by a staff of award winning designers include a rich variety of graphic, styles, colors and textures and are available for both Macintosh and Windows/PC on floppy disks and CD. Visit their content rich web site to see and hear samples. You can download for purchase or order boxed versions by e-mail, fax or phone.

The CD includes all 10 products which can be released with a code, similar to Adobe's Type on Demand. The purchaser simply contacts us by mail, e-mail or phone, pays for the product and we give them a code that releases it. For only $5. you can purchase the CD and have all 10 collections in your procession ready to unlock at a moments notice, with just a call to Little Men Studio. (The $5. will be subtracted from the first purchase that you make.)

The first collection they published THE WORLD'S LARGEST COLLECTION OF CUSTOM-DESIGN WEB-READY ART (1000 elements), which they released in April '96 was a huge success so they developed 10 new products: 5 web element collections and 5 icon/clip art collections. T. Stephen Burroughs the owner of the studio. "I went to free clip art archive sites to download graphics and realized there's a lot of amateur art out there, most of which is taken from archaic collections or hand drawn by non-artists. We knew there was going to be a growing need for quality web tools and a niche we could fill."

With a purchase on CD Little Men Studio is offering free WORLD WIDE TOTAL PROMOTEx :This can't be found on the web: It's the most comprehensive collection of search engines and directories that accept free web site address submissions, over 170 places to list a web site. Simply import or copy and paste it into your web browsers' bookmarks, then click on each address and you're there! (A purchaser must have an e-mail address to receive this offer.)

Their most recent release WEB-READY TALK BYTES, is a collection of 110 vocal phrases which add dazzle and a personal touch to a web site (220 with male and female versions) performed by voice-over professionals. The audio documents are under 25 K which insure fast modem transmission.

The other products included on the CD:

The World's Largest Collection of Custom Designed Web-Ready Art 1000 buttons, bars, arrows, rules and backgrounds $99.

The World's Largest Collection of Custom Designed Web-Ready Art Super Sampler vol. 1 500 choice elements taken from the above collection: buttons, bars ,arrows, rules and backgrounds $59

Web-Ready Headers & Banners 200 headers & banners covering a broad variety of styles. $59.

Web Master Graphics for Novices Everything has been designed for you.Over 400 elements: a multitude of bar and header combinations and panels, plus icons, buttons, bars, rules arrows and backgrounds. $39

5 Icon/Clip Art Collections Each uniquely styled collection has 90 icons in color and 90 of the same in black & white. $79.each.


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