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Monday 9/30, 1996 - Breaking News

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Claris Ships Claris Organizer 2.0 for Macintosh

Claris Corporation today announced that Claris Organizer 2.0, the all-in-one personal information manager for Maci

Maxum Ships PageSentry & PageSentry Pro Maintain Reliable Internet

Maxum Development this week shipped its upgrade to PageSentry Pro & a its new PageSentry

Ultimate Apple Search, Revamped & New URL

The New Ultimate Apple Search has a new look and a new thrust . UAS has reportedly

ScreenView CGI Announced, Download here

TripleSoft Inc. announced the release of ScreenView CGI. ScreenView CGI allows any Macintosh Webmaster

57 Countries and 65 Domains, That's Who Reads The online Macintsuff Times

It is hard to imagine, The online MacinStuff Times has readers in 57 countries

Calling All Mac Mothers


A new site created by Peggy Goldman has appeared on the Net, MacMom's Site

Macromedia Shockwave Technology Spotlights Volvo Car Corp New C70

The car of the future is here -- complete with its own virtual showroom minus the pushy car salesman

CD & Web One Stop Resource for Web Designers

LITTLE MEN STUDIO, Inc. claims to have internet's largest selection of original web element and icon/clip art

MacConnect, Mac Only ISP in New York

MacConnect, the first nationwide Internet access service exclusively for users of the Macintosh Operating System

Netscape CoolTalk beta for the Mac Available, Download here

Netscape has finally released it's version of an Internet telephone system

MacTranslator Now Available with Over 100 dictionaries, Download here

A new version of Word Translator for the Macintosh, a bilingual word translation application


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