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MacConnect, Mac Only ISP in New York


MacConnect, the first nationwide Internet access service exclusively for users of the Macintosh Operating System, was announced today by EQUINOX Internet Services Corp. of Long Island, New York. MacConnect will provide direct Internet access to Macintosh users in over 70 cities across the continental US.

MacConnect is made possible by the joint efforts of EQUINOX and Gridnet International, an LDDS WorldCom unit providing ATM backbone services and dial-up points of presence for the project. MacConnect is based primarily on MacOS servers including WebSTAR web servers by Quarterdeck Corporation, the TeleFinder integrated Internet server by Spider Island Software, and the Apple Internet Mail Server and MacDNS by Apple Computer's Cybertech division. The MacOS based products are combined with 3Com Primary Access devices, CISCO access servers and Stratacom data switches deployed by Gridnet across the national network.

MacConnect will provide Mac-based cybersurfers with unlimited access to the Internet at a flat rate of $24.95 per month, and will include a free Internet software package including the Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, and the TeleFinder integrated mail, messaging and web page maintenance package from Spider Island software. The service will include free web space for users, immediate access to an archive of MacOS related software, pointers to other MacOS related sites on the Internet, and full support for all popular Internet applications including Eudora, Claris E-mailer, Newswatcher, Fetch and CU-SeeMe.

"This is long overdue", said EQUINOX president Drew Linsalata. "Some estimates place the MacOS on as many as 30% of all personal computers connected to the Internet, so the MacOS is obviously well suited for working online. We'll use our experience with the Mac, our commitment to the MacOS, and our relationship with Gridnet International to build on this. MacConnect will provide a higher level of service to MacOS users than is provided by any ISP that divides its attention between MacOS and Windows users. 95% of all ISPs provide Mac support as an afterthought, because they have to. MacConnect runs on the MacOS, caters to MacOS users, and will not sell one second of Internet access to users of Windows."

MacConnect is scheduled for a formal launch on November 18, 1996 with local access in over 70 cities in 65 area codes across the US.


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