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Macromedia Shockwave Technology Spotlights Volvo Car Corp New C70


The car of the future is here -- complete with its own virtual showroom minus the pushy car salesman. Volvo has announced its brand new coupe, the Volvo C70, live on the Web from Paris. Using the latest in Shockwave technology, Volvo is able to reach the masses with its online unveiling of the latest in automotive technology.

The special Volvo cyber radio descends down the screen to deliver "shocking" information to the Web cruiser. The various dials on the radio feature options such as "View" -- of the new C70, and "Radio" -- offering a variety of audio information on the car's history and design. Shockwave provides the listener with crisp, clear sound delivering the latest news >from Peter Horbury, the designer of the new Volvo coupe.

"We chose to make a strong presence for Volvo on the Web by having our Paris press conference of the Volvo C70 launch broadcast live online," said Annika Eriksson, Internet manager at Volvo Car Corporation. "In doing so, we wanted the Web launch to be more than just an extra feature, but a new way for Volvo to reach a wider spectrum of people that would ordinarily not be able to see the event. Considering the enormous impact of the new paradigm, we feel it is important to find useful ways to enjoy the technology."

Volvo Car Corporation relied on leading Web developer, Framtidsfabriken (the "Future Factory"), to create the Volvo C70 pages. They used Macromedia's Director and FreeHand to create the site and utilized Shockwave technology to bring it to the Web.


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