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The Best Deal, the Best Prices The Mall @ 17 Million Products and services

From "It Sucks" to " Thank you!!!!!! This is great & fast!!!!"

Here is a cross section of your comments regarding "The online MacinStuff Times" redesign.

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I really hate it !! I dont mean to blunt you. I am graphic Design of Homepage... Because i hate to wait till the graphics to finish.. Also Icons look tooo big and ugly boring..

I alway love the old one because i can hurry up and read it and look at the news instead of waiting then click wait finally i see the news. Its sucks I suggest you to change back the oringal one !!


Sorry, I don't like your new look. It's harder on the bandwith impaired (14.4) and makes reading the news a much more laborious process.I like you mag, and read you religiously - but please find another "look" or go back to the old one. (New isn't always better)

Thanks for listening,

Phil in Dallas

While your new format is interesting, I miss being able to see all your news with one click of the mouse. Instead, I need to click each article I want to see. I'd rather skim through them all in one gulp. Just one person's opinion. Thanks for the great site.


It will probably take a while for me to get used to it, but the content is so superior that I will continue to make it my first read each day.

I would like to see the button for today's news on the first screen, visible without scrolling.


I like the new look pretty much and I like being able to jump to articles when I don't have time to read every single article. BUt, I think it was nice to be able to scroll down through all of the stories rather than having to jump back to the headline for each story. Also, now I can't save all of today's stories with a click of the mouse. That was a nice feature especially for those with a more costly internet connection. I suggest having a page with all of the days headlines one right after the other, like you did before. I do like the increased speed!


Please get rid of the moving buttons in the index. They are cute the first time one sees, but annoying ever after.

-- Tim

New look is neat.

I greatly appreciate the removal of all those award graphics, the animated masthead, and the clock!

However, I miss being able to scroll through all of the news items on a single page. Having to pick each one from a table, then go back to the table, is much more work than just paging down through them.

Also, having a fixed bookmark-able page for the current day's headlines would be a good thing.

Keep up the good work!



Thank you!!!!!! This is great and fast!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for the new look n feel of MacinStuff. As a 28.8-limiteduser, I appreciate short pages and the non-use of animatedGIFs (at least until Netscape can stop animating them).


You probably have had a hundred postings on this but here goes anyway, Link for qtime says /quicken instead of /quicktime, by the way the site looks great!



Congratulations on the new format. Very elegant and eye catching. Much better than its predecessor. Cheers!

Jan paul

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