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Thursday July 4, 1996 - Breaking News

Happy July 4 to all our US readers!

Seems that netscpe has changed the download server As of today you can download the complete (7.2 megabytes) Netscape 3.0b5.

A read me file is available.

Wednesday July 3, 1996 - Breaking News

Comments on site design:. From "It Sucks" to " Thank you!!!!!! This is great & fast!!!!"

The UG Academy Awards for WEB Site

Microsoft Internet Assistant for Macintosh, Download here

Alps Allows Mac Users to Touch and Glide


Now You Can Tango With FileMaker Pro 3.0

Extensis Buys Rights to Adobe Fetch


Empower Your Mac with Microsoft Empowerment Pack

Top 50 Web Sites Overtaking Online Services

Independence Day, Not the Movie Free Tech Support

Pull Some Strings, Apple Liscenses Marionet technology


Apple 5xxx-6xxx Tester, Download here

Now You Can "point, click & ship" on the WWW

Zip up a $50 Rebate from Iomega



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Tuesday July 2, 1996 - Breaking News

FREE Email/Web Based Mac Programming Course

MetaTools Ships Kai's Power GOO

You Can Beta Test Quicken Payment System

Seldon 1.0 Decision Making Product

Bare Bones Software BBEdit 4.0.1

Apple Updates DOS Software, Download it Here

Territory Manager 2.5 Sales Rep Do All Software

Adobe Announces Resignation Of CFO

QuickTime 2.5f12 Available, Download it Here

Apple Exec Sees Entrepreneurial Future

Netscape Releases Navigator v3.0 b5, Download it Here

Buying, Selling And Bartering Internet Addresses

Excite & Megellan Merge, Forming 2nd Largest Search Engine

Microsoft Looses MSNBC Domain for Non Payment

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Monday July 1, 1996 - Breaking News

MacinStuff Times New Look

Apple Ties in with 20th Century Fox "Independence Day"

Mac Advantage Materials Available

Mactivity Week to be held July 13-18 in San Jose, CA

AT&T Olympics Web site

Ram Questions Answered By Apple Information Alley

ChatNet Provides Parents & Teachers Internet Peace of Mind

Scientific Word 2.5 for the PowerMacintosh

US Congress Broadcasts Hearings Live on the Net

Tex-Edit Plus Turns 1.8


Cyberdog 1.0 Sample Code

Reminder System 7.5.3 Revision 2 Available for Free Downloading 

FileGuard & FileGuard 3.0 Shipping

WWDC OS 8 Presentations on the WWW

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