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The UG Academy Awards for WEB Site


This year two new dimensions have been added to the world of computer user groups: The User Group Academy, and The UG Academy Awards for WEB sites.

Later in this memo is a listing of the finalists in both awards programs, and by scanning their names you can easily see that the Macintosh still holds a leadership role in both WEB and Printed Publishing.

Next time you have a chance, visit any of the listed User Group web sites. All of these offer outstanding information and service for any computer user.

I'd also like to say, if there are any readers of this list who are NOT a member of a user group, you should run (not walk) to the nearest user group and join. In many respects, the user group community is responsible for much of the success of the personal computer revolution. Many groups play an important role in their communities, and ALL provide very valuable services to their memberships.

WEB Design AWARDS Finalists:

Central New York PC Users Group, Coastal Mac User Group, Houston Area League of PC Users -- Lawrence Apple Users Group -- MacBeth User Group -- MacGroup-Detroit -- MacNexus -- Santa Fe Macintosh User Group -- Savannah Macintosh Users Group -- The Hudson User Group (THUG) --

UG Newsletter AWARDS Finalists:

Atlanta Macintosh Users Group (AMUG) -- The Fishwrap Christian Macintosh Users Group -- His Servant Cleveland Desktop Publishing Users Group (CDPUG) -- Digital ArtZ Fresno Macintosh Users Group (FMUG) -- FMUG Newsletter Houston Area League of PC Users -- HAL-PC User Journal MacBeth UserGroup -- The MacBeth Letter MacGroup-Detroit -- MacNews Macintosh Permian User's Group (MacPUG) -- MacPUG Papers Macintosh User's Group of Corvallis (CMUG) -- Mouse Droppings MacNexus -- Interface MacTokyo -- MacTokyo/Digital MacTokyo Main Line Macintosh Users Group -- Main Line Mac Journal The NorthWest of Us -- NorthWest PASSAGES The Rest Of Us -- The Rest Of Us Newsletter Upstate Apple Users Group, Inc (UAUG) -- UAUG News Virginia Macintosh Users Group -- VMUG Voice

The final judging process will take place at the NAUGSAW-10 event in Dallas on July 12 and 13, and the final awards announcements will take place at the User Group Academy Awards Banquet on Saturday night, July 13, 1996.


The Guy Kawasaki Collector's telephone card will premier at NAUGSAW, in limited, numbered edition. Make sure you reserve your card even if you're not attending the event. (details at: Although these are fully functional (prepaid) long distance calling cards, you'll want yours as a keep-sake!

Fred Showker, Volunteer Chairman: The User Group Academy Awards

This even is sponsored in part by Adobe Systems Incorporated, Chena Software, The America Online User Group Forum, and The User Group Network. For information about securing a position as a supporter of The User Group Academy, please contact: Dan Sailers (, 214-888-0333, fax: 214-357-6903.)


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