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Excite Earns Top in Oline Review


Excite Inc. earned the highest grade in PC World Online's profile of the eight major Internet search engines: AltaVista, Infoseek, Excite, HotBot, Lycos, Magellan, Open Text, and WebCrawler.

"Quite simply, Excite delivered what we were looking for better than any other (search) engine," wrote Richard Overton in the September 1996 edition of PC World Online.

To measure performance of each company's search engine, PC World Online presented the same ten queries to each engine and tallied the accuracy of the responses. Excite's search engine, called Excite Search, produced the most relevant results with an average accuracy rating of 65 percent, five percentage points higher than the nearest competitor.

Although the grades were based primarily on the relevancy of results produced by the companies' search engines, PC World Online also took into consideration the companies' integration of additional Web navigation services. Overton pointed out that Excite's "search function is complemented by 60,000 reviews of Web sites -- more than any of the other seven engines." Excite's award-winning editorial team reviews and rates each web site with one to four LEPs (Little Excite People) to help users find the best, most relevant sites.

Contributing to Excite's top honors is Excite City.Net. As noted by Overton, "additional features such as (Excite) City.Net ... add to Excite's usefulness." Excite City.Net guides consumers to over 3,000 destinations, providing information on travel, communities, and events worldwide and several thousand maps of the top 3,000 travel destinations.

Excite achieved the only A+ rating because it is the only competitor that provides consumers a broad variety of navigation services. Unlike the limited search and directory capabilities of its competitors such as Yahoo, Alta Vista and HotBot, Excite provides greater value to consumers through its breadth and depth of navigation services -- Excite Search, Excite Reviews and Excite City.Net.

"PC World Online's research and expert opinion offer independent confirmation that Excite provides the very best network of Internet navigation services to help users make sense of the Web," said George Bell, president and CEO of Excite. "Earning an A+ from PC World Online, one of the most widely-read computer magazines, boosts the momentum of Excite's growing popularity among Internet users."


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