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Friday 9/13 (oooohh), 1996 - Breaking News

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Object Technology Joint Venture of Apple & IBM Names Naylor President

Object Technology Licensing Corporation ("OTLC"), a joint venture of IBM Corporation and Apple Computer, Inc

One-Button Color Calibration and Accurate ColorMatching Radius new PressView and ProSense Software Update

Radius Inc. will release ProSense and PressView 1.7 software for Apple Macintosh

Apple and IBM Join Sonic Solutions DVD Production Alliance Preparing DVD Titles for Multimedia PC Playback

Sonic Solutions announced today an initiative to bring DVD from the set-top to the desktop in a collaborative effort

Asante Competitive Upgrade to NetDoubler only $39.95

Following record sales last quarter of Asante Technologies' Macintosh Fast Ethernet cards bundled with the company's NetDoubler network acceleration

AT&T Cellular Net Access

AT&T Wireless Services said it planned to let road warriors onto the Internet, without plugging in. AT&T announced it approved products

Apple Offers Free Stuff, Logos For Car Windows, Go Figure Handout, and Much More

Now you can show your Apple colors on your car's rear window without

Apple Dylan for Power Macintosh Ships

Apple recently shipped the Apple Dylan Technology Release for the Power Macintosh

New Rainbow Proofer, Matchprint Film and Dry Film Development Program

Imation Corp. will preview a wide range of new products for the printing and publishing

TDK Systems' V.34 Modem Receives Macintosh PowerBook Certificate

Tdk Systems, a leading manufacturer of PC Cards, has successfully received the Apple Macintosh PowerBook Certificate

Claris FileMaker Pro Server for Mac 3.0v2 Announced, Download here

Claris released an updater application for FileMaker Pro Server 3.0v2. The updater will upgrade U.S. version 3.0v1

Apple & Eight Others Team Up to Prepare Schools for Internet Access on NetDay

Eight leading high-tech companies -- some of them competitors -- will announce the formation of a unique consortium

Truevision Demonstrates DVCPRO TARGA 2000 RTX at IBC Show

Truevision today became the first company in the industry to demonstrate a DVCPRO-based non-linear editing system

Iconfactory Releases New Copland Icon Set, Download here

The Iconfactory posted its latest set of 40 icons in the style of the upcoming release of Mac OS8

Farrallon Exclusive Deal for MacinStuff Times Readers

Farallon is making a special offer to The online MacinStuff Times readers. saving you a bundle of dough


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Thursday 9/12, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple Dylan for Power Macintosh Ships

Apple recently shipped the Apple Dylan Technology Release for the Power Macintosh computer

Customers Select PageMill 2.0 as the Easiest Product for Creating Web Pages

Adobe announced that in just over a month customers have downloaded 60,000 copies

Microsoft Font Technologies Brings Readable Typography to The Web, Download them ALL Here

Microsoft Corp. announced at the Seybold Conference significant advancements in font technologies to improve the look and legibility

MediaWay Managed Access to Image Libraries Over the WWW Available for Mac

MediaWay, Inc. announced MediaAssets 1.5, the latest version of the company's image and multimedia asset management software.

Excite Earns Top in Oline Review

Excite Inc. earned the highest grade in PC World Online's profile of the eight major Internet search engines

COMDEX/HispanoAmerica '96 150 Exhibitors to Include Apple

In a landmark event, SOFTBANK COMDEX, will bring together the fastest growing business segment in the U.S.

Chang Joins Apple's Board of Directors

Apple Computer, Inc. announced today the appointment of Gareth C.C. Chang to its board of directors

JetForm Acquires Delrina's Electronic Forms Business

In a move that solidifies its position as a major player in the electronic forms software market

Quark Inc. Releases QuarkImmedia, Download Viewer here

Quark Inc. released its versatile multimedia and Internet publishing solution, QuarkImmedia, to the North, Central, and South American

TechWorks 1996 Memory Guide for PC and Mac

TechWorks Inc., a developer and manufacturer of computer memory upgrade products, Tuesday introduced its 1996 Memory Solutions Guide

WebEdge4 Expands Hours and Adds 50% More PowerMacs

WebEdge, Inc. today announced the opening of WebEdge4, the leading technology conference for the MacOS Web community,

ClearVideo Full Motion Video, Download Decoder here

Iterated Systems announced the release of ClearVideo. Iterated's newest product delivers clear, high quality, full-motion video


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Wednesday 9/11, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple Releases Beta Newton Connection Utilities for Mac OS on Internet, Download here

Apple Computer, Inc. today announced the posting of Newton Connection Utilities (NCU 1.0 Beta) for the Newton 2.0

VivoActive Producer for the MAC in Beta, Download here

VivoActive Producer for the Mac will be released in the next 6 weeks

Apple Energizes Servers with 200MHz PowerPC 604e Systems Multi-Processor Announced

Underscoring its commitment to the server market, Apple Computer, Inc. today announced faster and feature-enhanced Workgroup Servers and Network Servers with up to 200MHz

Oracle & Apple Computer Announce Certification of Oracle Products on Apple Network Servers

Strengthening their server solution offerings, Oracle Corp. and Apple Computer, Inc. today announced

QuickStudy! 1.3 Upgrade Includes Additional Business Support

Software Solutions announces the release of QuickStudy! version 1.3. QuickStudy! is a Macintosh on-line testing program

Exabyte Announces First Major OEM Agreement For New Mammoth 8MM Tape Drive for Apple New Network Servers

Exabyte Corp. announced the first (OEM) supply agreement for its new-generation Mammoth 8mm Tape Drive

Astrobyte Announces BeyondPress 2.0.3 Now Publishes Web Pages in 4 Languages

Astrobyte announced the addition of multilingual capabilities to BeyondPress, its award-winning HTML conversion tool

Excite First Navigation Network to Support PC-Meter Web Measurement Service

Excite Inc. today announced its support of PC-Meter as the preeminent Web measurement service. PC-Meter is the first service to provide Web data

Insignia Solutions Debuts NTRIGUE Mac and UNIX Net Clients

Insignia Solutions will debut its NTRIGUE Net Clients next week at NetWorld+Interop '96 (Booth #3120), allowing Mac and UNIX desktops to access Windows

Seybold to Show the Best of the Publishing World 11th Annual Show

The top companies and latest technologies in the publishing world will be on display this week at the Moscone Convention Center

Yahoo! New York Takes NYC Online With Regional Guide Offers Inside View to New York Lifestyle

Yahoo! announced Yahoo! New York , the latest in its series of regional guides. Yahoo! New York is the most up-to-the-minute

Adobe Introduces New Photoshop 4.0

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced Adobe Photoshop 4.0 for Windows and Macintosh, a new version of the world-standard photo-design and production tool

PowerMac Emulators from Atari and Apple II to Windows WWW site

Emulation has become quite popular on the Macintosh, especially due to the sheer processing power of the new PowerPC


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Monday 9/9, 1996 - Breaking News

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Now Up-to-Date Gains Online Scheduling capability Update Web calendars through Browsers

Now Software Inc. announced availability of AddEvent, a powerful new Web editing tool for Now Up-to-Date Web Publisher and WebSTAR users

Apple Delivers New Internet-Ready Apple Color OneScanner

Apple Computer, Inc. unveiled its new Apple Color OneScanner 1200/30, the first flatbed scanner for the Macintosh market to offer Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OpenDoc Software WWW Site Update

A World Wide Web site devoted to OpenDoc, and it's components has been updated and includes the following new information:

Olympus Brings Price Down on Digital Photography

"Talk about your point and shoot don't even have to put film in these puppies!"Not anothe

Apple Adds New Files, Download here

From the included text file. The software allows you to connect

Ergonomic Chairs Said to Reduce Back Overload While Working on your Mac

Dauphin, has recently changed both the content and URL

'96 Summer Games; Poll Indicates 97% of Participants Recommend Telecommuting as an Alternative

Symantec Corporation announced the results of a poll taken in the Atlanta area to gauge telecommuting effectiveness during the 1996 games.

AOL Sets Barriers Against Cyber Junk Email

America Online Inc. is waging a war against "spamming," the broadcasting of electronic junk mail that is being sent to millions of its members each week.

Adobe PageMill 2.0 Beta 4 is available, Download here

The following is a listing of what's New in the Adobe PageMill Beta 4 software since the release of Beta 3

Birthdays and Such" v1.0, For those who forget their Birthdays & Anniversaries, Download here

Birthdays and Such is a tiny app launched at startup, to remind you of important birthdays and anniversarie

Claris 'Home Page FAQ Web Site

A web site designed to support those that are interested in links to resources that can help in using this new the Claris Home Page authoring tool.

Electronic E-zine Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary, Subscribe here

BCMUG, British Columbia Macintosh Users Group (of the Apples BC Computer Society) is proud to announce the 1 year anniversary of E-News,

Now Utilities 6.5 moves Now Startup Manager to Center Stage, September Update Available, Download here

Now Software announced today it had begun shipping version 6.5 of its award-winning utilities collection


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