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ClearVideo Full Motion Video, Download Decoder here


Iterated Systems announced the release of ClearVideo. Iterated's newest product delivers clear, high quality, full-motion video at low bandwidths that work within today's application and network infrastructure.

"Now anyone can ride the burgeoning wave of information publishing," said Bob Davis, vice president of marketing and business development at Iterated Systems. "ClearVideo makes it practical for users to access video-based information over networks and enhance their applications with video-rich content."

"ClearVideo is a landmark product which exemplifies the compelling attributes of Iterated's technology as it applies to multimedia and the Internet," said David McDonell, senior manager, Emerging Technologies at MCI. "We expect to see significant potential for use across a wide range of telecom-related applications."

Corporate training, the World Wide Web, advertising, presentations, and electronic mail communications are efficiently delivered to a networked environment utilizing ClearVideo. The product can be seamlessly integrated into existing multimedia frameworks. As a truly scalable technology, ClearVideo permits publishers to produce optimum quality video for all classes of content. It is now practical for users to include video into their existing client/server applications. The drivers utilize the natural environments of Microsoft Video for Windows and Apple QuickTime, as well as ActiveMovie and allows users to still work within their existing editing software. "The QuickTime team at Apple is excited about the availability of ClearVideo," said Mitchell Weinstock, multiplatform product manager of QuickTime Technology at Apple Computer, Inc. "By significantly reducing the size of video data to levels suitable for network delivery, we expect to see a surge in the number of QuickTime-enabled web sites, as well as corporate database applications delivering video information to end users."

ClearVideo allows network publishers to fine-tune image quality and data rates to their exact compression levels. Content can be compressed to data rates as low as 28.8 kilobits per second for talking heads and commentary, all the way up to 128 kilobits per second for full action movie clips.

Software developers are enthusiastic that ClearVideo works within existing tools. "Terran Interactive's customers believe that our Movie Cleaner Pro and Web-Motion products are the best utilities available when compressing QuickTime movies for a Web Site," said John Geyer, vice president of marketing for Terran Interactive. "We believe that Iterated's ClearVideo codec compliments our software by providing the best video compression available for the World Wide Web."

One particular application in which digital video is becoming critical is publishing, and Dominique Chaine, Director of the French Tourist Board in the South of France notes that "digital video is a crucial component in penetrating new markets. ClearVideo will allow us to deliver our dynamic advertisements in a timely manner to the entire world which is something we've never been able to do before." The ClearVideo decoder is available for Windows '95 and Macintosh .

ClearVideo is shipping , retail priced at $995.

Download the ClearVideo Decoder.


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