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Excite Inc. Nearly Doubles Quarterly Audience Reach According to PC Meter


Excite Inc. almost doubled its audience reach in the May, June, July quarter of 1996 according to the industry-standard for Web measurement, PC-Meter. Excite's reach grew from 12.9% in April to 24.0% in July -- an 86% increase.

"Excite's superior ICE technology and invaluable editorial content make it very popular among all Internet users, expert and novice alike," explained George Bell, president and CEO of Excite. "As we continue to enhance our network of Internet navigation services and successfully brand the Excite name, our audience reach will continue to grow."

Excite's home page (www.excite.com) serves as the hub to it's network of Internet navigation services. According to PC-Meter's July data, Excite gained 1.5 share points, moving from a June reach of 16.6% to 18.1% for July, maintaining its status as the fifth most-visited site on the World Wide Web.

Excite's Magellan Internet Guide (www.mckinley.com), boasts an audience reach of 10.4%, the fifteenth most-visited site on the Web. Excite City.Net , a comprehensive guide to over 3,000 destinations worldwide and the largest travel/city destination site on the Web, has an audience reach of 2.1%. The combined audience reach of Excite, Excite's Magellan, and Excite City.Net is 24.0%, an 18% increase over June.

Since PC-Meter launched its service in January, 1996, Excite has increased its audience reach every month, growing at an average rate of 1.73 points per month.

PC-Meter audience reach data is based on the percentage of Web surfers using windows-based PCs at home that visit Excite's Web site at least once during the month. Each share point increase represents a significant increase in visitors to the Excite site.


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