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Thursday 9/26, 1996 - Breaking News

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YoYo Gets Text-to-Speech, Numeric Paging, and More, Download Update here

Big Island Communications, Inc., creators of YoYo, the computer telephony d

Apple Release New Software, Download here

New Unix software, QuickTime Web Conferecing, System software, and Cyberdog updates.

Excite Inc. Nearly Doubles Quarterly Audience Reach According to PC Meter

Excite Inc. almost doubled its audience reach in the May, June, July quarter of 1996 according to the industry-standard for Web measurement, PC-Meter.

Symantec Antivirus 4.5 Automatically Protects Users From Most Viruses From the Net

Symantec announced a new version of SAM 4.5 it now provides effortless up-to-date protection against most viruses

Many Silicon Valley Execs Endorse Dole, Including Amelio

About 180 Silicon Valley executives, venture capitalists and lawyers plan to announce they are endorsing Republican Bob Dole

PhotoGIF 2 & ProJPEG Released, Download here

BoxTop Software announced the release of PhotoGIF™ 2, a file format plug-in for Adobe Photoshop 3.0 and above that provides

What Makes a Web Site Commercially Viable & Attractive to Advertisers?

There are several means to make money via the World Wide Web. Create a site that sells: services/products; advertising; or both

GTE Entertainment Signs Licensing Deal with KidSoft

GTE Entertainment , and KidSoft, the trusted leader for kids' software, announced an agreement that will allow

Wild River SSK Ships Seven New Photoshop Filters, Download Demo here

DataStream announced the release of WildRiverSSK, a new suite of plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop

Sonic Systems and Lundeen & Associates Team Up to Offer Web-Based Discussion Group for Mac

Sonic Systems, Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA and Lundeen & Associates of Alameda , CA today announced they are teaming up

FWB Software ToolKit to Ship Pre-Installed on Motorola Mac OS Compatibles

Fwb Software, LLC, manufacturer of the ToolKit family disk management utilities, announced

IntelliMatch Launches Jobs Across America into Cyberspace

To bring recruitment and job hunting up to speed in the age of the Internet, IntelliMatch is launching Jobs Across America

UMAX Takes Price/Performance Lead in the Mac OS Compatible Market 225 MHz 604e SuperMac S900 System

UMAX Computer Corporation states that they have taken the price/performance lead in the Mac OS compatible


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Webnesday 9/25, 1996 - Breaking News

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Apple Resellers to Get Greater Flexibility in Product Sourcing

Apple announced that its authorized resellers in the United States will be able to source Apple products

TextBridge Pro Upgrade Announced

TextBridge Pro Upgrade from Xerox -One of the Few OCR packages for the Mac just got better

Apple Delivers More Robust Tools and Features for MkLinux for PowerPC-Based Computers

Apple Computer, Inc. announced that it is making available Developer Release 2 of MkLinux.

Plastic Security ID Cards, Uses QuickTake 150, Looking for Mac Developer

Wizdom Microsystems developed a system for printing on a DataCard Printer. The current DataCard product is designed for a PC

Apple's Sept. 27 Cranberries Webcast Continues Despite Tour Cancellation

Apple Computer, Inc. announced today that the cranberries webcast scheduled for Sept. 27 will continue

Apple Unveils ColorSync 2.1, Download here

Apple announced the availability of ColorSync 2.1, its updated color management architecture for Apple Macintosh

Radius Completes Restructuring, Retires $50 M in Debt

Radius Inc. has completed a one year plan to focus its business and strengthen its financial position

Intervista Software Receives Funding From UMAX

Intervista Software, Inc., a premier provider of 3D software solutions for the Internet, announced that it has secured

Bandai Digital Entertainment bundles Motorola 28.8 Modem with Pippin @World Internet/TV appliance

Bandai Digital Entertainment Corp. (BDE) Monday announced bundling a high performance 28.8K

Agfa Unveils Digital Camera

In response to the growing interest among personal computer users to incorporate original images into their computing, Agfa has unveiled the ePhoto 307

Insignia Solutions to License & Distribute Microsoft's IE

Insignia Solutions announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft to license and distribute Microsoft's Explorer

Sun Sparks the Java Computing Revolution

Extending the open invitation for all to join the fourth wave of computing, Sun Microsystems, Inc., today released

Silicon Light Machines Spearheads Development of Next-Generation Display Technology

Silicon Light Machines Inc., unveiled its plan to address a broad range

New Zip Tools for Macintosh, Download here

Iomega has updated two of the software tools for the Macintosh . They've replaced


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Tuesday 9/24, 1996 - Breaking News

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FormSaver 1.6.0 Plug-in/ACGI Available, Download both here

FormSaver is now available as a WebStar Plugin and an ACGI. Both are distributed as

WebSiphon Web Based Scripting Tool Ships

Purity Software, Inc. announced that it is now shipping WebSiphon, its web-based scripting tool for Mac

GetCardServices XFCN Released

Iverson Software eleased the GetCardServices XFCN 1.0 on September 14, 1996.

IPA Systems to launch "eNews" Net Publisher at IFRA 96.

IPA System Ltd are to release, at IFRA 96, a new product called "eNews" which automatically takes stories from

Keys Off 1.1, Prevents Tampering with your Mac, Download here

Announcing Keys Off 1.1, a major update to Blue Globe Software's popular Mac security product that makes

WEB Pages & BBBS for the Deaf and Hard Of Hearing

A new Mac WEB home page and Internet Bulletin Board System has come online for those of us who have become hard of hearing or

Eudora Pro for Newton Beta Released, Download here

QUALCOMM, Inc. announced the immediate availability of a FREE pre-release version

Site Devoted to Commentary on Architecture Art & Design Awards PowerBook

If there are any Mac users that are thirsting for a publication that will provide a

SPeechPrompter Emulates a Teleprompter on a Laptop

The author calls it a is a revolutionary new software application, SPeechPrompter. It does what it name suggests

Beale Street Group Announces Release of ScreenShot v 2.5

In a move to bolster the power and usability of its award-winning screen capture utility, "ScreenShot,

EveryWare Development Corp. Chosen Best-of-Breed By Silicon Graphics

EveryWare Development Corp announced the formation of a strategic relationship with Silicon Graphics

Combine Pictures, Graphics & Text Gives you Postcards from the Net, Download here

Postcards from the Net, an application that enables people VERY easily


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