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YoYo Gets Text-to-Speech, Numeric Paging, and More, Download Update here


Big Island Communications, Inc., creators of YoYo, the computer telephony device that optimizes Caller ID information to screen calls, block calls, announce the caller, page you with the caller information, and otherwise manage incoming phone calls, today announced the availability of a free software upgrade.

Designed to meet the growing telephony needs of the small office and home office (SOHO) market, YoYo has ushered in a new era for phone productivity. YoYo's updated 1.2.1 software furthers the innovation with enhanced features such as improved numeric paging, text-to-speech caller announcement, expanded call logging, and much more.

"Response from users has been phenomenal. Because YoYo is such a personal product, the feedback we have received is both inspired and engaging," said Rick Miley, CEO and founder of Big Island. "This latest release is an example of Big Island's commitment to deliver products that integrate the best that personal computers and telephones have to offer in ways that are both easy for people to learn and productive for them to use."

YoYo 1.2.1 software includes

Improved Numeric Paging

The YoYo Page feature now allows YoYo users to send Caller ID information to numeric pagers in addition to alphanumeric pagers.

Improved Logbook

The YoYo Logbook can now print, sort and save the duration, date and time for manually dialed calls.

Improved Phonebook

For added ease-of-use the YoYoLand YoYo Phonebook now supports printing and sorting.

Expanded Apple Event Paging

YoYo's Apple event support has been expanded to allow any Macintosh application to send alpha or numeric pages via AppleEvents.

Text-to-Speech Announcing

Now YoYo software can speak the caller's name using the text information in the YoYo Phonebook.

Improved Incoming Call Handling

Calls received while the After Dark screen saver is running, now cause the screen saver to immediately disengage so that the incoming call window can be seen. The incoming call window also displays the call start time along with the call timer for easy expense reporting and record keeping.

YoYo's suggested retail price is $149.99. YoYo is available currently for the Macintosh with a Windows version due soon.

Downloadthe update.


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