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UMAX Takes Price/Performance Lead in the Mac OS Compatible Market 225 MHz 604e SuperMac S900 System


UMAX Computer Corporation states that they have taken the price/performance lead in the Mac OS compatible systems market with a new model in its best-selling SuperMac S900 family featuring the 225 MHz PowerPC 604e processor priced at $4495.

Existing SuperMac S900 systems with 200 and 180 MHz PowerPC 604e processor cards and the 150 MHz PowerPC 604 processor card were also repriced, making UCC the price/performance leader for high end Mac OS compatible systems that deliver UNIX workstation-class performance.

"UMAX is the only vendor in the Mac OS compatible market capable of introducing systems at these aggressive price/performance points in such a short period of time," said Andy Chang, senior vice president of worldwide sales for UMAX Computer Corporation. "For performance oriented professionals, the SuperMac S900 is now the most powerful, versatile, and cost-efficient Mac OS compatible workstation on the market."

"The combination of IBM's PowerPC 604e microprocessor with UMAX technology makes a dynamic system -- and the Mac OS user is the winner," said John C. Gleason, vice president, worldwide marketing and sales, IBM Microelectronics.

"These new low prices for the SuperMac S900 high-performance PowerPC microprocessor-based workstations from UMAX will help win new converts to the Mac OS-compatible market," said Phil Pompa, director of marketing for the Motorola RISC microprocessor division.

The SuperMac S900 has been architected to deliver several advanced system-level features that enhance performance for demanding professional users. For example, UCC's unique PCI-to-PCI bridge enables direct communications between any device in any of the system's six PCI slots, rather than using separate controllers to manage communications between two three-slot PCI banks. The result is a system that is more expandable and easier to configure than any other system supporting six PCI slots on the Mac OS compatible market.

UCC has also created an optional PCI-based feature card that delivers both Ultra-Wide SCSI and 100Base-T network support. Ultra-wide SCSI provides 16-bit wide data access to disk storage at a rate of up to 40 MB/second, approximately quadrupling storage access performance when compared with SCSI.

Support for 100Base-T networks allows organizations with users who need to exchange large files to network those professionals at speeds ten times faster than today's standard 10Base-T networks. -0- New Pricing for SuperMac S900 Family

Prices have been reduced on existing models in the SuperMac S900 family:

-- The SuperMac S900/200 is now available with street pricing at $3995. -- The SuperMac S900/180 is now $3795. -- The SuperMac S900/150 is now $3495.

Standard Features

The new systems ship with 32 MB of interleaved main memory expandable to a maximum of 1 GB, 512K level-2 cache, 8 MB VRAM on the IMS 128-bit graphics accelerator, 8X speed CD-ROM, 2.1 GB 7200 RPM hard drive, 1.4 MB super drive, 6 PCI card slots, 5 drive bays for adding SCSI devices, keyboard, and mouse.

The SuperMac S900 systems also ship with 10Base-T and the Apple AAUI Ethernet connectors standard. Integral Fast SCSI-2 internal and standard SCSI external is included, along with two serial ports and two Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) interconnects for a keyboard and another ADB device. The system also features 16-bit CD-quality stereo audio that can be accessed by either a front or rear audio jack.


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