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PhotoGIF 2 & ProJPEG Released, Download here


BoxTop Software announced the release of PhotoGIF™ 2, a file format plug-in for Adobe Photoshop 3.0 and above that provides unsurpassed capability for creating and editing highly optimized, web-ready GIFs and GIF animations.

Key Features:

Creates the highest quality, smallest GIF files possible.

Advanced proprietary techniques for quantization, palette usage optimization, and compression enhancements result in superior image quality while saving up to 50% in file size. Rated 5 mice by MacUser.

The most advanced color reduction capability available.

Utilizes new revolutionary color reduction technology that improves both image quality and compression when using custom or fixed palettes such as the Netscape palette. Also, provides true super palette capability for GIF animations.

Complete support for multiple image GIF animation files.

Allows you to create and edit GIF animations directly in Photoshop with complete control over palette usage, background color, looping, logical screen size, image position, delay times and disposal methods.

Advanced, easy-to-use transparency tools.

Transparency can be set by color or from any alpha channel in the working image. A preview with advanced transparency tools including eye dropper color picker, touch up brush, and automatic halo removing edge tool allow perfect transparency every time with ease.

Powerful preferences capability to speed work.

Nearly every aspect of opening and saving files can be easily configured through preference settings and customized for individual work habits to speed use and simplify working with large numbers of images.

Download PhotoGif 2

Download ProJPEG 2


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