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Sonic Systems and Lundeen & Associates Team Up to Offer Web-Based Discussion Group for Mac


Sonic Systems, Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA and Lundeen & Associates of Alameda , CA today announced they are teaming up to provide cost-effective and high-performance Web-based discussion groups and collaboration for Macintosh Web servers by bundling Lundeen's Web Crossing/Personal Edition with the Sonic Web Server.

The bundled product will be available in October for $495.

Web Crossing/Personal Edition is a software program that allows users to set up their own public discussion forums. To participate, all that is necessary is a Web browser and the proper Internet access.

The product can be used in many ways: to discuss topics of mutual interest; answer questions about a company's products and services; run an interactive bulletin-board, a help desk for technical support or a town-hall meeting place; organize and manage a project; hold discussions for "distance learning" classes; and much more.

Sonic's Web, E-mail, FTP, DNS and DHCP Internet Access Servers are a family of highly integrated servers which run on any Macintosh or Macintosh clone and are configured using InterManage over the LAN or through the Internet. The graphical interface of InterManage, which is included, makes it easy and economical for businesses to establish a presence on the Internet as well as to provide a medium for improving intra-office communications.

The combination of Web Crossing/Personal Edition and Sonic Web Server offers a powerful alternative to NNTP (Usenet News) Servers, especially when the primary focus is Web-based collaboration and discussion.

"Combining Web Crossing/Personal Edition with the Sonic Web Server creates an extremely powerful solution for managing discussion groups," said Sudhakar Ravi, Sonic's Vice President of Engineering. "This bundle has an attractive price, minimal hardware requirements and extremely easy setup, all while offering much of the performance and utility offered by Usenet News."

"Web Crossing represents the next generation of Internet discussion group software," said Tim Lundeen, president of Lundeen & Associates. "It's easy to use, yet extremely powerful and effective. Bundled with the Sonic Web Server, the Personal Edition allows users to add discussion groups to their Web sites quicker and easier than any other solution on the market."

All Sonic products are available to end-users from Authorized Apple Dealers

Web Crossing is available for UNIX (Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, BSD, SCO, Linux), Microsoft Windows NT and Macintosh. The UNIX version is $695, the Windows NT version is $495 and the Macintosh and Windows 95 versions are $395. Web Crossing is available for purchase directly from Lundeen & Associates.


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