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Wild River SSK Ships Seven New Photoshop Filters, Download Demo here


DataStream announced the release of WildRiverSSK, a new suite of plug-in filters for Adobe Photoshop from Wild River Systems Software of Japan. This sophisticated new arsenal of tools puts seven powerful filters in an artist's box of tricks - enhancing, with amazing speed, the possibilities to create.

Overview of Seven powerful new filters Wild River SSK features a jazzy, intuitive interface, providing essentially infinite control over numerous effects parameters. Image enhancements that formerly took hours of labor to achieve are now virtually instantaneous with Wild River-SSK. Select your desired image area in Photoshop, then experiment with Wild River-SSK's special effects. Preview windows (some with zoom control) show the results of your choices before they are applied. There's no longer any need for guesswork while setting parameters. Control direction of light, depth and angle of bevel, and wave patterns. Create apparent image degradation and transmute hue ranges. Tile an entire image, or a selected portion. Create textures both familiar and alien. Build frames from rainbows and create snazzy buttons galore. Morph an image >from hard-edged realism to soft insubstantiality.

"These plug-ins have extraordinary depth. Both the experienced and neophyte Photoshop user can expand their creativity almost immediately, even if they only splash the surface of this great resource pool." Sam Moore, President / DataStream Imaging Systems, Inc.

Platforms and Compatibility Running as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop 3.0, or greater, on the Macintosh and Power PC platforms running system 7.1 or greater, the Wild River-SSK filter suite offers seven filters for use in image editing with RGB and Grayscale models.

"DekoBoko and MagicMask are the crown jewels here. Both are powerful, fun and give great results without endless tweaking. I'd use these tow all the time." Scott Remen, creative Director / PremiereLink Communications, Inc.

"I LOVE Wild River! No need to learn channel operations; it's a one of a kind application that will save graphics production people >from enduring long days of tweaking something in Photoshop to minutes of fun exploration. The rendering speed, the variety and number of pre-made filters, and the ability to create and save filter (settings) of your own, make Wild River-SSK filters an absolute must for anyone using Photoshop for multimedia. Goodbye Black Box, hello Wild River!" Michael Brown, A.V. Specialist / U.S. Government

Wild River-SSK also features a welcome zoom control for use with MagicMask preview windows, allowing close inspection of your chosen effects before they are applied. Save your unique creations for future use with the indispensable Save Presets feature, available in all Wild River-SSK filters. The sole limit on the genesis of unique effects with irresistible appeal is the artist's imagination. Set yours free with the power of Wild River-SSK's MagicMask filter set. For the creative edge you've dreamed of, skim the surface or dive into the intricate depths of this powerful plug-in package from Wild River Systems. Destined to become a must-have plug-in for the cutting-edge design professional, Wild River-SSK promises to put the magic in your fingertips. Go with the flow, with Wild River-SSK. Come in -- the water's fine!

Pricing for the entire Wild River-SSK filter package is a very affordable $99.95USD. Orders are being accepted now. Wild River-SSK

Download the functional demo.


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