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IntelliMatch Launches Jobs Across America into Cyberspace


To bring recruitment and job hunting up to speed in the age of the Internet, IntelliMatch is launching Jobs Across America (JAA) into cyberspace.

JAA is an interactive network of key organizations across the country that share the common goal of leveraging the Internet to redefine the future of job recruiting. JAA provides job seekers and employers an interactive resource network for job recruitment and career development using IntelliMatch's Precision Matching Technology (pmt).

As part of its strategy to connect millions of job seekers with the right employers, IntelliMatch has licensed its technology and service to organizations such as Internet University, the leading online information resource for college students, San Jose Mercury News and Mainstream Online -- helping to transition job recruiting from a time-intensive, paper-based process to a completely automated, intelligent service.

JAA consolidates at a single World Wide Web site , top employment and career resources, and it adds IntelliMatch's unique PMT to the equation to shorten the time, lower the cost and greatly improve the accuracy of job placement. With participation from Internet University and Mainstream Online, JAA is fast becoming the most comprehensive resource for connecting job seekers and employers online.

"JAA eliminates the need for job seekers to spend countless hours trying to find and navigate through hundreds of independent job posting services and mountains of career-related data in hopes of finding what they need," said Alok Singhania, IntelliMatch's vice president of marketing. "Instead it gives them direct access to useful information and proven resources in seconds."

JAA Gets You There Faster

JAA accelerates the process of job seekers and companies finding their perfect match. JAA features direct hyperlinks to career development sites such as Mainstream Online and Internet University . JAA offers banner advertising, corporate profiles and onscreen corporate logo programs to participating corporations and partners. Through its marketing programs and partnerships, the IntelliMatch name is seen by millions of people every day.

PMT Provides Greater Accuracy Quickly and Cost Effectively

IntelliMatch's PMT automatically analyzes job requirements and employee qualifications, precisely matching and ranking candidates with available positions. Instead of spending hours poring over hundreds and, occasionally, thousands of resumes, IntelliMatch's PMT does it in seconds with far greater accuracy using structured queries. From an employer's perspective, that means faster turnaround -- which translates into less labor and lower costs -- and ensures that qualified candidates won't be overlooked. For job seekers, IntelliMatch's technology lets them include far more detailed information than they could ever put into a standard-length resume.

Millions in Potential Savings

According to Bruce Hatz, corporate staffing manager at Hewlett-Packard, "Web recruiting is the future of staffing! HP has already saved millions of dollars in recruiting costs by leveraging our Web recruiting strategy with firms like IntelliMatch. IntelliMatch offers a unique Internet/intranet-based solution for corporate recruiting, skills management, job advertising and resume processing."

Already Proven

Internet University and Mainstream Online are charter members of JAA. Doug Levy, the president of Internet University, thinks the program is ideal for his organization, which helps college students access information they consider vital, and that includes employment. "Internet University receives more than four million hits a month from college students and recent grads whose primary concern is finding a job. By standardizing on IntelliMatch, we are able to provide them with the most comprehensive database of job openings, career development tips and useful information on top employers across the country. Further, IntelliMatch's unique approach effectively targets job seeker skills and matches them to employer requirements, allowing users to quickly zero in on the right opportunity or candidate."

Dan Cahn, chief operating officer of Mainstream Online, North America's leading provider of Web-based interactive career development tools and information, says that his company is "connected at the hip" to PMT, the core of Jobs Across America's capabilities.

"Key word search technology is old technology," Cahn said. "I have been on all sides as a recruiter, candidate and hiring source. The ability to differentiate yourself from a competitive candidate by qualifying and quantifying the advantages and skills you offer, and how long you've honed those skills are factors that 99.9 percent of job seekers are never allowed to communicate because they never get to the table. But PMT provides an apples to apples approach, and it lets employers rank candidates in an intelligent way that's backed up by data. That way, when they get to the in-person interview stage, they can focus on the qualitative issues. It saves an incredible amount of time."


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